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Sunday, October 13, 2013

AT&T Expands U-Verse High Speed Broadband, TV and Voice Service

AT&T Inc. AT&T  brings U-verse high speed Internet, television and voice services to more than 20,000 customers in more locations in San Francisco

Thousands of residents of the San Francisco Bay Area have a new option for television and broadband, by increasing the availability of AT&T U-verse ®. AT&T  today announced that Uverse expanded by more than 20,000 local customers more in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose in August and July. He said more than 361,000 customers throughout the AT&T sites were added in the same month.

AT&T Inc. AT&T  brings U-verse high speed Internet, television and voice services to more than 20,000 customers

Services include att uverse TV, AT&T U-verse High Speed ​​Internet and AT&T U-voice too. The expansion is part of the Velocity IP (VIP) of investments AT&T initiative expand three years and improve the wired broadband networks (IP) and wireless internet. It is driven by the increasing demand for high-speed Internet and new mobile services and cloud computing applications.

Att uverse is an integrated suite of IP services, including AT&T U- verse TV, AT&T U-verse High Speed ​​Internet and AT&T U-verse Voice. U-verse internet offers more speed and includes features that wireless network. Internet U-verse Bundles include access to more than 32,000 hotspots in most Wi-Fi in the country, allowing customers to stay connected at home or away from home.

AT&T U-verse offers customers the freedom to watch TV series shows on PC, smartphone or tablet. Users now have access to many HD channels, the competitive internet speed, flexible packaging services and continuous innovation.

Private customers, the U-verse TV and Internet are many innovative applications. For example, the television and the Internet, U-verse customers can use their smartphone as a remote control with AT&T U- verse easily accessible to use the contents of country of access, including performances, interviews with artists, music videos and original content with the deep country, synchronize your smartphone or tablet on your TV, a number of compatible applications U-verse and much more accessible. AT&T U- verse is also the only national carrier in the United States to provide a fully integrated wireless receiver . This allows customers to watch TV in any room of the house, even those who do not have television.

U-verse customers have the ability to provide services as a whole, including the U-verse Online, choose U-verse TV, U-verse Voice and AT&T wireless service in significant savings.

"AT&T has the primary responsibility for mobilizing a world that works for the people," said Ken McNeely, president of AT & T California. "Through efforts like VIP, we work in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose residents and businesses have the necessary means to ensure a good quality of life at home and gain a competitive advantage in the job market."

AT&T U-verse TV is the fastest growing TV provider in the United States. Att uverse recently became women choice and got a award of "Best of America for the provider of Internet access at home." AT&T U-verse TV was recently named Frost & Sullivan company of the Year video. U-verse has also won numerous awards for innovation. For more information about AT & T U-verse - or to find out if it's available in your area - visit

Geographical constraints to services and service U-verse apply to AT & T's Call or visit to see if you qualify for U-verse application: Requires sorting the map Uverse TV and Wi-Fi data. The content may vary by device and  or a TV plan and is subject to vary for Incurred charges for data transfer.

AT & T products and services are provided by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

Friday, March 8, 2013

CanSpace Offers Lowest Domain Names In Canada lowest offer domain names in Canada with the cheap domain name price offer for best Web Hosting Solutions

CanSpace Solutions, a company that were provided domain registration and web hosting in the last 15 years, now offers cheap domain registration for Canadians. The company currently focuses on Canadian companies reported service was the leader .ca domain registration provider and offer such records guaranteed lowest prices. Over the years CanSpace solutions also use a web hosting provider and elite presents different packages to register a website depending on the needs of the company.

Spokesman Press Business Solutions CanSpace the supply of domain names in Canada. "We are a Canadian company that is composed of Canadians and down services for Canadian Company in 1998 and began to concentrate in the delivery of our services to specifically Canadian companies since 2007. This specialization has given us a record and a domain name in Canada the web hosting provider. Now we offer a domain name. approx lowest prices guaranteed. Many companies have enjoyed our professionalism and often complement our services. During the last 15 years years we have been working on improving customer satisfaction. CanSpace us in business service solutions "in all sizes from large multinational companies, individual equal devotion and support. lowest offer domain names in Canada with the cheap domain name price offer for best Web Hosting Solutions

The company offers three Canadian Web Hosting to register a website. Package for small businesses, corporate and business customers are very competitive prices CanSpace Solutions is a trait known now. The company is considered to be Prime Minister of Canada host and home to some of the largest companies in Canada. A 100% uptime, technical problems nonexistent solutions CanSpace. The company said it has daily backups, data center-class words, customer support 24/7 and many other features that made Canada the best providers of web hosting services have.

About Solutions CanSpace

CanSpace Solutions is the leading domain registrar (. Redial) and top web hosting provider. The company has been in operation since 1998 and currently provides services to Canadian companies. Through its online platform, the types of services the company and information on the various packages available to be seen. CanSpace Solutions is well known to register a website for its low prices. Ca domain registration and excellent customer service.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Backup Blogger and Google+ Posts Takeout

 How to blog, Easy Backup Blogger blog posts and Google+ page with Takeout

Google Takeout is a new and amazing service that allows you to archive and back-up all data in a particular service offered by Google to be stored. For example, you can save more all your Picassa, contacts, documents in Google Drive, a list of feeds in Google Reader. Now this web service has feature to add Google+ pages and Blogger (Blogspot)  post services to be stored on takeout, their data can be archived or downloaded and stored locally added to google backup.

How to download and backup Google Blogger hosted blogs posts

   This is a very good service of Google because it is most seen that many of the Google hosted blogs gets deleted by the Google anti spam bot or if any one goes out of Blogger TOS. So in order to save your hard work on hosting blogs, it is necessary to back up your blogger blogs and know how to blog. So i think Takeout is great for bloggers for google backup.

How to download and backup Google Blogger hosted blogs posts

Access to your Google Account for downloading and archiving of data use.
Then find the landing page to get to Google services and click the web hosting service that is blogger. currently you can only backup blogger web hosting blogs.

Select Blogger and select pages from the list and click Create.
A. downloaded zip that will contain the Atom feed format. Files.
Google Takeout will be very useful in the future, if you want Google+ circles and supporters of a transfer to another account.

what do you think of this Google new service of google backup.

Link Google Takeout.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Redshift Amazon Low Cost Data Storage Launched

Amazon Web Services Launches Redshift low cost data storage solution

Amazon Web Services Redshift data storage service is now open after a few months in the preview, the company announced. The company said that it has managed to land the support Redshift IBM, SAP, Informatica, and other high profile companies.

Amazon Web Services Launches Redshift low cost data storage solution

Redshift is a petabyte-scale cloud-based solution as a very profitable business that occurs presented in about a tenth of the cost typically associated with data storage option.
Limited preview version was launched in November 2012 and was launched by the critically acclaimed and professional users.

Redshift is planning to use AWS to reduce its market share with the help of managed services, automated tasks, and construction costs. The new platform allows for easy loading of data into a group of Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3.

"We have Redshift Amazon to 10 times the performance at 1/10th the cost of deposits in the data of the system will deliver today" AWS said in a blog.

"We start in the Eastern U.S. (Northern Virginia), with plans to expand to other regions in AWS in the coming months," he added.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Amazing Kanguru Defender For Safe Secure Web Session

How to create a secure web session navigation on any computer with Windows

Web browsing and secure online shopping is safer and easier than ever with the introduction of the new Kanguru Defender. Dual Trust developed a new online access, encrypted USB storage device Kanguru together Deep-net and security.
The device turns any Windows PC into a secure shopping environment for online banking, pay bills, boating and investment. It also provides a secure portable storage drive to store your sensitive files and they are everywhere with you.
The device turns any Windows PC into a secure shopping environment for online banking, pay bills, boating and investment. It also provides a secure portable storage drive to store

Key Features

Kanguru Defender™ Dual Trust
Secure on-line access and encrypted USB storage device
Quick Overview.

The Kanguru Defender  Dual Trust is web trust, pay bills online, shopping, banking, and surf the Internet in a safe and secure environment. If you worry about malware, virus or spyware on every computer that you are using to do business concern, then this is the best computer secure device for you.

Advanced features:

• Simple and easy to use.
• Access online web and securely.
• 256-bit AES hardware (secure 100%).
• Ignore the host operating system in a virtual machine environment safe.
• leaves no traces.
• The Board BitDefender Antivirus *.
• 8 GB (approx. 7 GB of free space).
• Requires to operate without administrator rights.
• Physical lock / unlock protection against writing.
• the security industry meets most.

Product Description

Dual Trust defender's confidence web browsing, pay bills online, buying behavior, shops and surf online in a secure environment. Opens a secure session of the browser, protected against vulnerabilities such as viruses, malware or spyware, the "fit" could be isolated in a normal browser window. Simply plug in a password and you're on your way to a safe browser that allows complete access online. In addition, if the device is not connected, leave the dual Trust Defender no trace of your backup session.

Designed for ease of use, improved safety features as first-class 256-bit hardware encryption * Antivirus provides built-in, with its main feature a secure line. Dual TrustDefender you can search and online transactions in a secure environment on any PC - anywhere!

With a capacity of 8 GB (approx. 7 GB of free space), and protection against viruses, you can be sure that all files are stored securely and reliably protected by the password encryption and 256-bit hardware.
256-bit hardware encryption

The dual TrustDefender uses 256-bit AES hardware encryption (CBC mode) in order to block data secure.
Onboard antivirus

Each dual Trust Kanguru Defender integrated comes with a one-year subscription, renewable BitDefender Anti-Virus in the unit. (30 day free subscription to Antivirus. Replacement 1 year subscription starts in 30 days).


Kanguru Defender Flash Dual Trust recorded safe devices can be ordered with custom options such as images, text and / or unique identifiers.
Protected by military grade hardware encryption provides USB Flash Dual TrustDefender a secure browser session against viruses and spyware lurking on the host PC is isolated.

Each session begins with a browser vulnerabilities safely and cleanly blocks malware and viruses, without a trace of activity in line behind the computer. All downloaded files or during the session will be recorded automatically encrypted on the flash drive to take with you wherever you go.

How hackers and thieves are more sophisticated, it is more important than ever for businesses and consumers in order to protect themselves from crime. Dual Trust the Defender, it's easy to bank accounts, to protect credit card information and other disclosures of sensitive data. Best of all, it is completely portable and works on any Windows computer, either at home, in the office or on the road.

Features include:

Linux virtual environment from the host operating system is isolated
256-bit AES hardware (FIPS 197)
Secure browser without a trace online activity on your local PC
More than 7 GB of secured storage
Board BitdefenderTM Antivirus (30-day trial).

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fesds Warns PC Users To Disable Java For Security

Feds are warning PC users to disable Java because of the security hole

Java programming language enables developers use a set of code to be executed on most PCs.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is calling for computer users to deactivate or remove the Java programming language due to a severe security issue.

Java programming language enables developers use a set of code to be executed on most PCs.

The fault in Java 7 "can enable a remote, unauthenticated attacker to run arbitrary code onto a vulnerable system," according to an alert published Thursday by the Emergency Response Team Computing U.S. (CERT).

Hundred of millions of consumers and companies can be affected.

Hackers might operate vulnerabilities to install malicious software and form of malware which could cause users vulnerable of identity theft or authorize its computers to be exploited by the "botnets" can block the networks, or be used to strike websites, thus imposing a major computer security issue.

"Please be aware that applications utilizing Internet Explorer components for obtaining Web content, such as Microsoft Office and Windows Desktop Search can also to be used as an attack vector to this vulnerability," the caveat added.

DHS said it is "currently there is a practical solution to this problem."
Java been developed by Sun Micro systems that Oracle acquired in 2010. There is no suggestion when one security patch might be available, and Oracle had no immediate comment on a Friday night, said Reuters.

Java enables programmers to write software using a single set of code to be executed on nearly any computer PC.

MacRumors informs that Apple has already deactivated the 7 Java plug-in installed on Mac.

ZD Net informed for the first time named zero-day vulnerability. In monitoring, he showed how the fault could be operated.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dropbox releases applications for Windows 8 tablets

Dropbox releases applications for Windows 8 tablets

Dropbox has recently released an application optimized for Windows 8 members. This application is a tablet friendly and available in store windows. The Dropbox application runs on any Windows platform 8 including hybrid laptop computers with touch screens along the surface RT tablets as they are not compatible with all applications that run on Windows 8.

Dropbox releases applications for Windows 8 tablets

Regrettably Dropbox has not yet launched one application platform for Windows Phone 8.

Is Windows 8 App Dropbox worth your time?

The application really is not as helpful if you already own the earliest version of Dropbox on your PCs running Windows 8. This is due to this application is optimized just for the tablet interface and the PCs.

Enables functions such as photo sharing with Facebook and Twitter friends using the sharing feature Windows 8 Charm.

It's very basic and if you have a Windows tablet, then this is a must have application for yourself.
On the down side of the application is not seems compatible with selectively sync folders that is especially useful if your device does not have continued connectivity.

A Dropbox app is still not available for Windows Phone, but it should be available sooner rather than later.

Try implementing Dropbox if you have one Windows tablet and let us know your views in the comments.

Monday, December 31, 2012

AOL Introduced A Better Approach To Email With ALTO

AOL launched Email service, a better approach for e-mail with the Alto

This year we saw two of the Top email clients getting restyled - Microsoft gave birth to Outlook with Metro-esque approach to mail, Yahoo Mail has a cleaner appearance along with the updates of mobile applications, soon after Marissa Mayer has turned into CEO.

AOL launched Email service, a better approach for e-mail with the Alto

In addition, AOL has introduced a new email client named Alto. Curiouslyis compatible with email accounts other than AOL Mail, that includes Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and more.
The highlight of the app is Stacks - a characteristic that rates your incoming email into meaningful groups. So your Twitter / Facebook notices emails are separate from daily offers emails of Amazon reviews / eBay. So this is a better app which can act as a email spam blocker and you can get rid of daily mega brands offers.

You can create customized stacks and even have incoming emails skip Inbox and going to the right in that stack - so you have a most clean inbox.

It also has a similar function to that Boomerang allows you to postpone an E-mail, so you can answer to it after a specified time period of time.

The interface is mess free and provides more of a desktop app like look, especially with features such as two-column layout for reading emails, support for tabbed browsing.

I am quite sure you do not going to grab lot of users of another Web-based Email Client, but nevertheless, still it is worth trying.

Alto it is still in beta, but you can register to the invitation.

Link: Alto Mail

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Download and Find Good Android Apps With Playboard

Playboard: A better way to find and download good Android applications

None of the best mobile operating systems have good application stores. If you are an iOS user, you are stuck with iTunes, an increasingly bloated software (on a Mac). Moreover, the recent presentation similar letter through the App Store, which shows an application at a time can be very annoying.

Android is no exception to this problem. There is a need for a better way to find the applications - that's exactly what it means to solve with Playboard.
Playboard: A better way to find and download good Android applications.

The main difference between Google play and Playboard play is that this class of applications based on the algorithm, the automatic mode, so you can see a lot of spam applications to graphics applications based.

Playboard other hand, depends on your community. If you want to contribute your database, you can register and start making the "signs" that contain a specific type of applications. Something like Pinterest advice.

There are lots of things you can do, from well-developed applications for the last few games made ​​free.

If you are a blogger, you can even insert a table widget on your site. This can be useful, especially if you maintain a web site for Android.

I think the overall experience is better than other alternatives AppBrain Google Play. You can access it either through the application or through Android web applications.

Link: Playboard

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Jobs Earn Money Using Social Media Accounts

Search Job and earn money online with your social media accounts

I'm sure most people reading this post has a profile on some sort of social media sites. LinkedIn is popular social website that can help you to earn money online, among professionals, but what about other profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for your job search.

Recently I came across an interesting website called switch idea. The site serves primarily as a platform for professionals and freelancers to find work and earn easy money. Job seekers will be informed about their social networks.

Get your personalized vCard with Switch Idea Get job earn money

How switch Idea Works

Job seeker's have to post details about them and their connections. Your social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Switch Idea
Users can also have their pages savior. All of this information is publicly available in a common virtual card (eCard).

You can register as an employer and create new jobs. Users will be informed about social media accounts.

Employers can then assign work to those who responded.
As the site is relatively new, I'm not sure how good it is for professional practice, but I think it might be a good idea to get a profile on him anyway. There also seems to be an excellent platform for freelancers and employers, self-employed and to earn money at homes.

Test Switch idea and let me know, in a comment below, what are your thoughts.

Link: Switch Idea

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Music Editing Software Online Tool To Cut Songs Edit MP3 Files

Free music editing software, Free online tools soft to cut and edit songs MP3 files

Free music editing softwareNow a day we all have a lot of music or MP3 files, or we can say thousands of mp3 music of our choice. We want to listen more music on our home computer and mobile phones elsewhere. I have a lot of instrumental music, and often do not like the whole music track and only part of the mp3.

How to edit songs

Free online tools soft to cut and edit songs MP3 files Cutmp3 is a great site i found, web site that cuts and edits MP3 files online for totally free
edit MP3

Cutmp3 is a great site i found, web site that cuts and edit MP3 files online for totally free.
Just download to play MP3 files on the site and start listening your favorite music that you edited with mp3 edit software.

The track can be with music management play time. Select the start and end of the music mp3 track cutter.

Click the "cut" and will be invited to download the new edited song that works.

Try the online tool cutmp3 edit MP3 songs and leave in your comments.

Free tool to cut or edit mp3 online, free music editing software: cutmp3

Monday, October 22, 2012

Google Released Disavow Links Search Engine Tool

Google launches “Disavow Links”  tool for webmasters

Breaking the champagne, my fellow internet! Google has finally made the decision to "reject links" anticipated use and tools for webmasters around the world could not be happier.
Matt Cutts, head of web spam team at Google, announced the opening in the middle of its commitment to openness Pubcon spoke 16th October. Then a few minutes later, he led the words gave Cutts, Google Webmaster Central Blog posted the announcement:

"A new tool, discard links

Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 13.43 clock

Webmaster Level: Intermediate
Today we use a tool that allows you to deny links to your website. If you are an action-based manual mails have indicated "Disavow links" to your website, this tool can help you solve the problem. If you did not receive the notice, this tool does not generally something you have to worry. "
Google says its engineers have beta test the new functionality after week, even though it. Rumors about new upcoming months The tool is now online, and you can by found in your Webmaster Tools account and access this page.

Use "disavow Links" tool

It's surprisingly light, this new tool directly from your control panel Webmaster Tools. Suppose you had a pretty persistent random links nude adult sites that on your website. I worked hard for a while to do everything to drive the Webmaster and get unpleasant backlinks out from  sites, but nothing out. Pushed this threats of lawsuits and reports Google has in deaf ears, and each of their e-mails unanswered.

This is exactly what this tool. If you have exhausted all options are still have a loss, you can. A simple text file list of a bad left Big G to withdraw All you have to do is go to "reject links" and start reporting.

Links only for one domain at a time refused to start so by the area you are working first on the menu when you click on the arrows to appear:
Google displays a dialog box that allows you to text file with the list of links, you want to get rid, which calls on store:
Google Released Disavow Links Disavow Links Search Engine Tool Google launches “Disavow Links”  tool for webmasters

That's it! Simple? As for the text file that you submit, Google has only a few rules for the format. Just list one URL per line. Here the example is given in the official blog:

As you can see, a sign of the prefaces comments you choose to place your order. Despite these explanations do nothing to the search rankings of power, which can be useful if you need to submit a request for review in the future. The best thing is that they are what they are in the files of your Webmaster Tools account.

Identify all areas of crime in their application, as shown above. Use the form domain: Note that Google refuse all links in this area, if your application is approved, so be very careful when listing domains. You can view a list of sub-areas in which. The links to your website, if you include the further development File size, which can not occur more than 2 MB, and you can update or edit the file. Just load. Submitted your changes and reload the file again to replace the old

Backlinks Management: Why does it have to be

It is a fact that Google uses 200 signals (and counting), when, as she realizes place your site in the SERPs. PageRank is the most important - the classification of the signal, because Google uses the metric system to determine how much you trust your website - or at least better known. The higher the rank, the higher the security.

PageRank is derived primarily supported by profile backlink to your page. If your site is in a PR 2 or 3 for more updates, even if I could put the recorded content and scope spam links be to blame. Think of your profile as your website backlink credit. Not obsessed with it well, but certainly from time to time for the general health of your website is important.
Therefore, this tool is so cool. You can jump in Webmaster Tools to analyze the list of backlinks to your website, can you determine which links are the shadows and they are legitimate.
Negative SEO.

Since the main penguin and panda updates negative SEO is becoming a serious problem for webmasters. Whole industries appeared night dedicated unknowingly spam links to site owners innocent then pay blackmail to remove them. SEO competitors spread too ambitious for removing stains from caps in the SERPs. The play began very dirty.
Therefore, this tool a long time ago. Now webmasters have full control over their profiles backlink. But beware - there is a greater responsibility attached to it. You should take it upon yourself to discover your backlinks from time to time to a crime before it becomes uncontrollable control, then you should take steps to stop quickly.

Warnings, skepticism

Matt Cutts has issued a series of warnings in your video that explains the new tool. First, he said that Google reserves the right to reject applications, reserves to refuse certain links. He pointed out that the presentations are just that - claims. Just fill in a form does not guarantee that you will receive disavowed poor connections.

Cutts also offered a warning - it can take weeks to see the results when you submit your application. It will take some time to crawl the bots index update, hold, etc. With this in mind and make sure you provide a sufficient time to take care before you wait. He also noted that people who are affected by the recent updates, a few weeks after you submit your link request to reject before you apply will have to wait for a review site. The extra time you will have enough time to update the index-links only rejected.

I read all the official literature reject the tool and I saw a new video link Cutts. I have. Beyond the time before this announcement with great interest for months It was interesting, all information (including video) is urging webmasters to see the "professional" used (his words) as a last resort. The warnings seemed rushed, hurried, almost scary ... Google nervously, as if it were an avalanche of requests, and the staff will be delighted. Their fears are justified: I'm sure it will happen, despite their pleas, as the intensity of negative SEO in recent months.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How To Send Free SMS Worldwide With Gmail

SEND FREE SMS directly from your Gmail, Google Mail chat

How to send free sms

Gmail has a new feature that allows users to free SMS worldwide any where directly from the Gmail chat window. When I logged into my account today, I saw a pop-up to alert me of the new unit feature that now Gmail has free sms india sending option now. So now we can send free sms without registration.

How to send Free SMS from Gmail works

SEND FREE SMS directly from your Gmail, Google Mail chat.  How to send free sms

Previously, you could send text messages to other users of our list of contacts. This feature allows users to to send SMS, almost anyone as long as you know their phone number.
If you see the above message, simply type a number into the chat window for free sms.
Then you need to add the number to your contact list. Make sure that you have the correct country code entered with with the number that you added in your contact list.
Enter the text message and send it. 1 point will be deducted from your SMS credit. Increased SMS credit back to 5, if the person answers back to you to your SMS. The maximum credit risk can earn 50th It is essentially a measure of protection against spammers. That means Gmail supports a two way free SMS service for its users. This is a great feature added by the Google for its users for free sms.

In India, I can see that networks IDEA Aircel, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata Indicom, Vodafone are well supported by this feature. But there may be some teething problems with Reliance network numbers because I could not send an SMS to a phone number of Reliance communication in absolute confidence.

You can view the complete list of compatible mobile operators  in the below link.

Gmail free SMS supported operators.

  What do you think about this Google new feature. Please share us with your comments.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free call From PC To Mobile-Best Free calling Sites

Ways to make calls free Internet Free Call PC Phone/ Mobile

Yes, you actually can make free calls over the Internet! Free internet phone programs let you make free phone calls, usually Only in the United States and Canada, with a special software. But you can now also make a call from PC to landlines or cell phones out sides USA and Canada with best VoIP calls and absolutely free VoIP call services

The phone list below most applications are free to make PC-to-phone software, you can download a free call from your computer to a real telephone number so you do not need means phone itself. Some of the other free internet phone programs will free your phone to any other phone to connect real real to a long distance plan unnecessary.

Regardless of how it works, it's a free call!

To make a call using a phone with free internet, you need to download the software for free or phone. A soft phone from an Internet telephony provider

Best Free Calling Site For My Loyal visitors.

free call with http://Vivophone.Com

call net to phone with http://Comtokivma.Com

Best free call to mobile phone http://Mobivox.Com

Best free VoiP http://Iamvoip.Com

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How To Send Attachment To Email gmail attachments On SkyDrive

Save Gmail Attachments on SkyDrive with one click

A few weeks ago we wrote about how to Backup your Gmail automatically links in a unit of Google drive. But if you are using Windows, chances are that you will Interest in the offering from Microsoft SkyDrive cloud.

Microsoft is working with, allowing users to to upload or download attachments from Gmail SkyDrive.

 ms access &, skydrive for, skydrive on windows

How it works: what is skydrive for windows

Download and install browser extensions here. Works with Firefox and Chrome.

     ->    The service will ask you to sign in to your Gmail account SkyDrive.
Now you can use SkyDrive files when sending emails.

     ->    You can also add attachments on SkyDrive.

I prefer SkyDrive also installed on my computer, so that equipment can be stored locally.

Deposit in a views.

The Apple Cloud Removed Beta With Updated Apple Apps beta sheets with a touch of updated applications and reminders

When Apple launched iCloud, which was available only on Apple devices and the Internet. After a few months a Web application and has launched in beta.

apple app, iphone apps,icloud, apple store, icloud.comNow that iOS 6 will be available for download soon from the apple cloud, removed the beta label and the service is now open to the public.

The service now has notes and reminders applications that have been added in OS X Lion Mountain, the update Find My iPhone -. For the remote lock, remote wipe capabilities and Sounds

In addition, you can use the Notification Center notifications sync with iOS 5 (or later) and Mac OS X 10.8 display.

The Web application is very well maintained in the design that looks more like a native application instead. IMessage is in the list of applications that allows you to add messages directly from the website.

Getting hacked your account iCloud can be very uncomfortable if the hacker can break anything that is in any Apple devices, says Mat Honan story? He also explained what is icloud iphone on the apple website.

You can set up an account with Apple iCloud force on your iPhone / iPad or Mac configuration.

What do you think about apple new icloud service. Do drop your comments

Link: iCloud

Friday, September 7, 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Will Release On 12 September

Apple confirms iPhone 5 launch on 12 September

Apple has begun sending out invitations for your event in San Francisco on 12 September. The event is rumored to be where Apple unveil the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini eventually.

We do not know much about mini iPad, which should be a little 7-inch tablet. But when you see the shadow in the invitation, the iPhone 5 confirmed.

It is not surprising that the new phone would be implemented, but some may wonder if Apple had simply called "new iPhone" inspired by "the new iPad."
Expected Features of iPhone 5

         The phone runs on the latest platform iOS6.

         iPhone 5 should have the same width of 4.08 inches. Phones, but should be higher than             their predecessors.

         It should be a number of improvements with a 12-megapixel camera.

         The phone works perfectly on a four @ 1Ghz.

         The phone should also recently earbuds Apple design.

What exactly is known about the iPhone 5, you can find out next week.

What do you expect from iPhone 5? Deposit in your views.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Basic Of Cloud Computing With Dropbox And More

What is a drop box. Basic Of Cloud Computing With Dropbox

Cloud storage is not a new technology, but some people may be confusing to understand. Data storage "cloud" sounds like your data could be floating around the internet everywhere. Although their data are accessible on the Internet that actually residing in the massive redundant data centers. When data is stored in the cloud means that your information is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection and vmconvertor.

Then you will know exactly where your information and who has access to it in the cloud computing services. know more about cloud computing. If you have Dropbox, a service of the most popular storage in the cloud, which is Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is stored in multiple data centers in the United States. Amazon S3 servers are safe and reliable. With multiple redundant data centers and operations, is more reliable as a backup to keep your home or workplace. Dropbox and Amazon say that the data is stored in S3 completely safe, but you and I know it's as secure as the password of an employee who has access to it. There is always a possibility that data may be compromised by people. Yes, it's still pretty safe. But if you go to save sensitive data in any storage system in the cloud, you should make sure that you encrypt it first.

Now you probably want to know how difficult it can be done. It's actually very simple. We will also use Dropbox as an example. Go into your Web page and click the big blue Download Dropbox. Once the download is complete, click Open or Run. There are instructions on the screen, to be run. Make sure you select the option. Says: "I do not have an account on dropbox" They are then put in your name, e-mail address and password. Be sure to pick a good password - no fewer than eight characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, or even at least one number or symbol. Do not use a password that you used before. Then select the size of the data storage required. I just choose to start the free 2 GB. Select a typical configuration, and then you're done. Moved! There is a short visit to using the product. However, the fundamentals that created a new folder called Dropbox folder on your PC. Now you can save and copy files into the Dropbox folder to store in the cloud. In addition, there is something you can configure synchronization - the tour takes you through the go for you.

One interesting thing that has cloud storage is connected to the computer after the files stored in the cloud, you have access to them wherever they go, as long as you have an Internet connection. Would you like to show pictures of your children or grandchildren to a friend at a party? Get your iPhone or Android phone (which is installed with the application drop box) and pull out the lovely pictures stored in the cloud. What? It is lunchtime at the office, and I wanted to work on your shopping list? Save it to your Dropbox account that come on your PC when you get home. It will also be on the phone when you're in business. How convenient is that?

Now that you have to lean on the cloud storage, and Dropbox, it is only a small step forward to buy you compared to some other cloud storage providers - Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSync.

cloud storage free offer

Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage space compared to 2GB you get with Dropbox.

 It is also relatively inexpensive to add additional storage space. Google introduced a new feature that lets you scan a picture or text in the image to see it and will be looking in the store. Are you religious to keep receipts? This might be too much use of this function.

SugarSync offers 5GB of free storage space.

 Only one of the benefits of your product is that you can select multiple folders to the cloud that can not synchronize the most. You can synchronize "My Documents" "My Pictures" and "Office" to make sure everyone is safe.

Microsoft SkyDrive provides free storage of more than 7 GB is also very cheap to upgrade.

 A major advantage of Microsoft products is the ability to edit and create Office documents on SkyDrive from the Internet. It is also very well integrated into Windows Mobile (I know this is what). My husband loves a Windows Phone and its integration with SkyDrive. The pictures it takes are on your phone to the PC. Nice!

Dropbox is probably the easiest to use, but if you go on your free 2GB is additional Google storage drive and a lot more expensive to acquire SkyDrive. For those with a lot of data to synchronize with the cloud SkyDrive is your least expensive option. And if you have multiple folders without having to sync to think SugarSync has what you need 
a drop box.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best And Easy 16 Tips To Improve Optimize SEO Blogger Or Any Website

Best And Easy 16 Tips To Improve Optimize SEO Blogger Or Any Website

Today every one loves to earn free and easy money and thus they step towards blogging. But only writing blogs is not sufficient to earn. We need readers or we can say visitors. So when we say visitors ours first choice is to get the visitors from search engines. But to get search engine traffic we need to optimise our online and offline seo. Here is the best tips to optimize SEO search engine optimization.

First Keyword Fundamentals:

The most important aspect of creating keywords for your website is that you start the process to do proper research. Make sure you can enjoy all the other tools and provide free services. A good example is the Google AdWords. You can also consider some part of its advertising budget of more comprehensive programs to pay.

It is important to note that the density of the word these days as is no longer used. It is imperative that you do everything to facilitate the integration of the same nature in the text of your website make sure you do not worry about excess.

Second Create a URL in unique:

There are some things that you can do to was to create a unique URL. From the beginning, you should opt for a domain name that is relatively short, which also includes the VAT rate. The scripts are allowed and permitted, but should refrain from adding more than two.
When it comes to individual pages of the name comes, do not forget to include a higher-level search. Do your best to not use session IDs or other dynamic variable and URL database.

Third Use keywords long tail:

Long tail keywords have the most influence on the ranking of search engines. This is composed typically of at least three words. If you get some that are inextricably linked with their specific sector, which beat the competition will be linked directly from! In addition, all traffic to your website as a direct result, we very much more relevant than means better profitability.

4th Using Latent Semantic Indexing:

The latent semantic indexing, commonly referred to as LSI, is the process, the phrases and keywords to increase in relation to your most important phrases in an effort to include your ranking in various search engines. For example, if your site's shoes, the other related words, such as heels, sandals and boots are sold. This in turn will help your rankings in search engines. This will also ensure that your website will not like any kind of spam, because it would not use keywords in over and over again.

5th Internal links do include:

Several times, forgotten by most websites to use their internal connections are correct and it is that a disadvantage from the start. It is a simple way to make sure that each and every one of your pages a higher ranking white marking on all search engines. Remember, the key word or phrase are increasingly under attack page internal links pointing to it. In addition, should always refer any of your other pages with links to the content of websites, if at all.

6th The investment in PPC:

A PPC campaign is the absolute results of immediately evaluate your advertising investment. Start your campaign during the keyword research you did. Start small! PPC costs through the roof, if you are not familiar with the operation. Play with different types of ads. The use of different strategies and keywords until you see some of the final results. Only when you start with the big campaigns.

7th Optimization of the images used:

It is important that you use an ALT tag for all the images in detail, what are the actual image is composed described. Use keywords and specific phrases for maximum impact. This will ensure that those who are not able to see the pictures yet understand what is there. This also ensures that you are in the image-based research to find. Also, you do your best to name your images with a keyword in the actual file name.

8th Optimizing the title tag:

Do not be fooled. You can not nothing in your Title tag, and we hope that is enough. If you think you can not be further from the truth. The page title is an excellent opportunity to increase their placement at the same time attract people to your website.

Your title tag should not be longer than 70 characters long. Keep it short, simple and to the point. Also, make sure each page has its own title. Endeavor to include targeted keywords in the title and try to be very meaningful.

9th META Tag Insight:

Note that the meta keywords tag is not used by Google to rank well, although some of the other engines could still be used. Meta tags are the most important of the description and title. Be sure to limit your title to 70 characters or less and make sure that your meta description is 160 characters or less. If you go to search engines just cut. Always remember, targeted keywords in the meta tags used.

10th Not - build links:

For most, many people make all the wrong things when it comes to building links to your site. Please do not buy links or on a "link farm". These are two of the worst things you could do it. Intent "may be interpreted to prevent spam," to low-quality directories as. Written submissions, link exchange and publication in the various forums are not as useful as in the past to be. It also has a very natural when she suddenly had thousands of links within a few days. Remember it is quality over quantity.

11th What to do - linking:

The best thing to do would be to send your links to directories of prestige as the best of the Web and DMOZ. Try to focus on creating links to others within their industry or niche. This will definitely improve your reputation within the community. Do your best to use unique content that can be used as bait for your site. Today, social networks can be very beneficial.

12th Do not canonical:

It is essential to ensure that your pages are not counted more than once. This is to confuse all the search engines and may impact on their tracking statistics. Be sure to use 310 redirects to transport the pages of a website and to solve possible problems with the rest of their pages, too.

13th HTML is the best:

Other languages ​​such as JavaScript program can not be searched in the search engines and therefore will not benefit you. Be sure to use only HTML and it will automatically increase your page rank. Not to complicate your site again with a large number of images, shapes or types of codes that are impenetrable.

   If you follow these i am sure you will get good traffic from google and other search engines by improving SEO on blog or blogger.