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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Microsoft office on android but says no to tablet and BlackBerry phones

Microsoft Office comes with Android, but says no to tablet and BlackBerry phones

Microsoft Office on Android phones and tablets needs a subscription of $100 yearly for the android microsoft office and is not available separately.

Microsoft office on android tablet needs a subscription of $100 yearly
Microsoft office on android

Microsoft offers an abridged version of its Office software for Android phones, but retains the use of Android tablets as not to make a version for the iPad.

The company has the software available from Wednesday to play Google online store. Subscription required US 100 per year for the office and is not available separately. The new offer follows the publication of an iPhone version in June, bringing an Office application for phones with the operating system used on the new smartphones. Like other mobile versions, the new software platform is designed for easy use. For example, can be used to view and edit an attachment by e-mail is sent. But it is not the intention of a complex calculation sheet from the ground up to create.

Also read: New Microsoft iPad versions of Microsoft office

Microsoft is trying to make the most compelling Office 365 subscription, do not take an advantage of the Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows have - the ability to run popular office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

"The launch of this application shows that we add value to android microsoft office 365 participants are required," the company wrote in a blog. "Office 365 subscribers now can access, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the mobile phone, the iPhone and Android smartphones with Windows."

Microsoft pushes subscriptions as a way to get customers to continue paying sold for a product that was in a historic purchase. The company touted the benefits such as the ability to run the package on multiple computers and get free updates on a regular basis. However, the subscription to be more expensive than buying the complete package for only one or two computers.

Microsoft said Office phone specially designed for the small screen Android phone, although many people want to edit documents on the large screen of a tablet. The company has a version for iPad and Android tablets, known as Office Web Apps, but that runs in a web browser and requires a permanent online connection. The new Android is a software application that is installed on the phone and can work offline.

With a subscription, customers often get to use Office on up to 10 devices. Five of them can be compressed or Mac or Windows. The other five can be iPhones or Android phones. Windows Phones come with Office installed and does not count toward the limit.

Create a version for the iPad, the tablet PC sales, Forrester Research analyst JP Gownder believes that Microsoft may give you $ 1400000000 per year in revenue, based on 10 percent of the 140 million iPhone owners for a subscription of $ 100 to pay. Gownder said not on the iPad or Android tablets are incentives for users to explore the competing offerings such as Quickoffice for Google and Apple iWork.

Technically, iPad users download the iPhone version, but not the advantage of the larger screen, so the images and texts are confused when stolen. Not Download Android tablet owners will be able to learn about Play.

The new software requires Android 4.0 or higher - Ice Cream Sandwich operating system or jelly bean flavors Google for microsoft office on android tablet. In a first step, is only in the United States, although Microsoft plans to expand to 117 markets, with versions in 30 languages.

Microsoft has still no plan to bring office to BlackBerry phones.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Asus Fonepad Budget 7 Inch Tab With Sim Price and Review

 Tablet phones Asus Fonepad: The budget but good 7-inch tablet

The space of the 7-inch tablet is growing up in India with the launches of new budget tablet segment. The latest to come in the game is the highly anticipated Asus Fonepad.

Fonepad asus launched in India in April after the first revelation of the Tablet at the Mobile World Congress this year. The tablet runs Android Jelly Bean OS version 4.1 of Google.

The tablet comes with a SIM card slot, which means you can make calls through the tab

In terms of appearance, the tablet is an elegant looking registry easily in the hand. The 7-inch screen fits perfectly on the bezel, which is great, but pleasant to touch. The tablet comes with a SIM card slot, which means you can make calls through the tab. Since the tablet is not a single Tab Wi-Fi, 7-inch device will also support Internet via GPRS / EDGE and 3G.

The tablet comes with a 7-inch IPS display. The screen is capable of multi-touch (for 10-finger multi-touch) with 1280x800 pixel density. The tablet, however, is a chip with a core 1.2 GHz processor.

The tablet is available in two variants, the internal memory 8 GB and 16 GB. However, only 4 GB for the user in 8 GB variant. The device also supports micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to 32 GB. The tablet comes with an internal memory of 1 GB of RAM.

Fonepad Asus comes with a 3 MP rear end camera and 1.3 MP front camera for video calls. The 4270 mAh battery promises 9 hours talk time on the device.

At a price of 15,999 rupees Fonepad Asus is certainly a good tablet in the space of 7 inches. However, considering the price, the main competitor of Asus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes with almost the same features and a little more at a lower price. Although Asus Fonepad be set at 15,999, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which comes with a dual-core is available for Rs 15,000 in trade, while e-commerce best buy tablet prices are somewhere around 15,500 Rs

Asus could be a powerful tablet with good features, but its price tab and dual-core Asus can disguise Fonepad.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Budget DataWind Akash 3 The Best Tablet Review

DataWind Ubislate Aakash Tablet 7C+ Akash 3  purchase from Snapdeal

Are we witnessing Aakash android 3 tablet, not sure, but DataWind, the company behind the low-cost the best tablet Aakash has come up with its latest device - 7C + Tablet DataWind includes sim card, gprs and EDGE. which is now at a price of Rs 5999 Snapdeal.

DataWind Aakash Tablet Ubislate 7C+ (Akash 3) Reviews

Budget DataWind Akash 3 The Best Tablet Review

DataWind Aakash is developed android 3 tablet and also call Fund. Ubislate 7C + New Edge Snapdeal now available from an online retailer. It features a 7.0-inch screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. No color IPS screen is not clear, do not expect wide viewing angle of this tablet. It runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system version 4.0, which is the latest and unconfirmed Jelly Bean OS update message. DataWind Ubislate 7C + Edge Tablet is powered by a 1.0GHz Cortex A8 processor which is supported by 512 MB ​​of RAM. With this configuration, you can play down to mid-game graphics, but do not expect games like asphalt run on this tablet. The internal memory is 4 GB for this tab, which can be expanded up to 32 GB. Battery capacity of 3200 mAh is good to hold the best tablet for a long life. The tablets comes with only 0.0 MP VGA front camera.
DataWind Ubislate tablet has 7C + Board

Display:                                  7-inch touchscreen (800 x 480 pixels) capacitive
Operating System:                Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor:                             1 GHz Cortex A8
Camera:                                  0.3 MP front camera (VGA)
Memory:                                  512 MB ​​RAM, 4 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB                                memory
Connectivity options:              2G EDGE (through the slot in the SIM card), Wi-Fi, USB
Battery capacity:                    3200 mAh

Datawind android 3 tablet 7C + Edge DataWind Ubislate akash 3 price of the best tablet is Rs. 5999 / - INR and is now available in Snapdeal

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fonepad Asus 7 inch tablets available in the Indian stores soon

Fonepad Asus 7-inch tablet available in the Indian stores soon

Taiwanese company Asus, after the huge success of its Google Nexus 7 tablet sales in India is all set to launch its latest tablet PC on the sub continent and it is Fonepad.

Asus released on Tuesday a teaser image of a tablets, supposedly in their Facebook and Twitter pages Fonepad officers with a slogan "meet the new family member." The snapshot shows only the back of the tablet face and notice does not give details about the release date or price. 
Fonepad Asus 7-inch tablet available in the Indian stores soon
Asus has released the first Fonepad at the Mobile World Congress in February. The device went on sale in Europe a few days ago, and this tablets is likely to hit Indian shores soon.

The asus 7 inch tablet sports a 7.0-inch 10-point multi-touch screen with IPS technology and runs on the mobile Jelly Bean Android v4.1 operating system powered by an Intel Atom processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz CPU supports.

The main features of the asus 7 inch tablet Fonepad include:

Asus model                        Fonepad

7.0-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280x800p

OS                                  Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Intel Atom Z2420        processor speed of 1.2 GHz

GC540 GPU PowerVR   graphics engine

1GB of RAM

Memory will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB of additional value-added through micro SD card

Main camera: 3.0 megapixel autofocus camera front 1.2 megapixel camera for video chat

3G network

additional Features

Asus 7 inch tablet SonicMaster audio technology, with a processing Wave MaxxAudio increase
Quality sounds of tablets.

Weight 340 g

* Price € 219 (approx. ₹ 15,500 without taxes)

* The proposed ASUSTeK Computer Inc. at the inauguration of Fonepad at MWC in February 2013 prices.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Android App To Protect Smartphones From Thieves

New Android Phone App ID to protect your phone from thieves

The phone thieves and curious friends you must have to take care now: a new android application has been released in order to catch you in when you are stealing.

Lookout Mobile Security has released an update to its application to the search for Cam Lock are released a photo of a person trying to  access to a 
protect smart-phone.

Protect your phone from thieves and unwanted access. Best mobile security for android phones click to know more
"Locks is a free service that notifies you when someone tries to access your device, if it is stolen, or if someone else can try to take a look if you not do not allow it," says company blog.
"Cam Lock takes a picture of a person who enters an incorrect password three times in the Android lock screen with front camera on your device. Then receive an email with the image and the location of your device, gives you valuable information about who tries to access your device and where it happened. you can then use this information to remember steps to better protect your device, how to take eg change or enhance. "

Previously Lock is only available in English. He throws users this week. Premium customers have direct access to Cam Lock. Then it's just a matter of going to the "Settings" application to ensure an enhanced protection and Cam Lock is activated.

The new feature will only work on devices with front facing cameras on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.

Premium users can also add a personal message up to 300 characters on the lock screen of their mobile Lookout. If the phone is lost, the new feature is the person the information that you need to find it again.

Enter from other smartphone or computer select the device "missing" and select "Lock".
The new version can be downloaded Lookout on Google Play.

 Download mobile security Lookout Mobile Security

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Razer To Launch First Gaming Tablet PC

Razer Gaming World prepares to launch first Gaming Tablet PC

Consumer Electronics in the last show of the year debuted gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer Project Fiona, a tablet gaming PC concept with a pair of handles aside. It seems ridiculous, but it promises. This promise was this year to Razer, a full-featured gaming tablet, many sources form factor gaming PC Tablet, shipping, and start at less than $ 1000. You will not believe what they crammed into this thing.

Promise the same product Razer Fiona was at the end of last year, but before the company opened the device design for the major players in the PC products. Thanks to the interaction between the players, the Razer Facebook page and the Web community, the project has gone Fiona drooling an interesting idea for a piece of technology worthy.

Razer Gaming World prepares to launch first Gaming Tablet PC Razer Project Fiona, a tablet gaming PC concept

For starters, they have to eliminate the stupid handles. Well, not quite.
Grips with its oddly placed buttons and analog sticks have been replaced by a docking station option, the ability to jump to humans utter stupidity sensitive, while sitting in a Starbucks fans did, they are the driving force behind a black rectangle is $ 249.99 for to enjoy the privilege. Everyone wins.

In addition to saving a little dignity, many sources also helped the final specifications and prices Razer Tajo. Razer said they wanted power and the price you want to pay. What we get is a Windows 8 tablet PC in a position to. Dishonored in the standard configuration up to 59 frames per second, with models from $ 999.

Before entering into the womb, let us look the outwards.
The Razer Edge has housed a 10.1-inch display in a tablet containing two kilos heavier and 0.8 cm deep. Weight, which is in line with the surface of Courage. With a little more depth It is an ultra-slim tablet, but it is also incredibly strong.

The tablet is added to a number of docking stations. There are spring palo bobo, what we have seen. There is also a keyboard dock ($ 199), perfect for MMO players and adds a heavy cat-Dock ($ 99), the USB ports and an HDMI output, transforming the device into a PC game console your TV.
The tablet itself to work with games like Civilization 5 touch screen, and if there a way to connect a bluetooth controller for I am very sad.

So the Razer board has many options to play the kind of power that we play?

Standard Razer edge ($ 999) device comes packed with an Intel Core i5, Nvidia GT640M graphics LE, 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a 64GB SSD. If both shuddered as I have in this small amount of space, then you are probably more interested in the edge Razer Pro with 8 GB of memory, an Intel Core i7 processor and either 128 or 256 GB SSD, from $ 1,299.

In comparison to a traditional gaming PC Razer edge determines the amount of energy. Compared to other tablets on the market, it's crazy.

Razer has tried to make the most portable gaming tablet PC for years, and have some pretty amazing concepts and products in the process. Products such as the Razer Blade, the gaming notebook $ 2500 sacrifice power for portability, which surprised many of his critics, sold at every step.

Compared to the blade idea, the Razer edge is downright reasonable. It's a PC game. Is a tablet. Steam is a box. This is the future, and will be available soon.

New Low Price Budget Android Tablets Launched

M7 and M10 Polaroid launches budget Android tablets at CES 2013

The world of Technology and web, Tablets are increasingly crowded, with manufacturers increasingly jump on the moving train of slate in the last 12 months. In a market that was once used by Apple and its iPad tablet monopolized, try a growing number of manufacturers. Firmly on the market with the introduction of budget tablets that get access to a greater number of consumers.

The recent, the revolution is to join internet tablet by the giant Polaroid photography, which presented two budget Android tablets in 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This will increase competition in the budget tablet market by offering consumers a choice to create yet affordable range of Tablet PC slate.

New Low Price Budget Android Tablets Launched M7 and M10 Polaroid launches budget Android tablets at CES 2013

The two tablets that have been implemented by the Polaroid camera M7 tablet, which comes with a 7-inch screen for those who come after something compact and portable Tablet Polaroid M10, which is, as the name implies, with a 10 - inch screen. The tablets have IPS HD screens.
Polaroid M7 comes with microSD support, a built-in 2-megapixel front camera and 8 GB of memory. The M10 comes with a Polaroid camera to 2 megapixel front, a rear 5-megapixel camera, quad-core processor and 16 GB of on board memory. The tablets should be released in the spring, with a price of about £ 80 and £ 143 respectively.

The low price tablets, including M7, it could mean serious competition is prepared in the budget tablet market will be triggered since many people will be willing to buy a tablet from a company known for a low price, which is exactly what Polaroid, this new budget slate.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Samsung Plans To Launch Flexible Unbreakable Screen

Samsung plans to launch smartphones with flexible and unbreakable screens

Samsung has been rumored to be preparing flexible, high-resolution displays for its smartphones, and this week at CES South Korean technology giant rumors, confirmed by several prototypes.

In his speech, the company announced Youm, a new line of flexible OLED screens. OLED technology allows screens to create businesses thinner and lighter than other more vital technologies of high definition.

Brian Berkeley, San Jose Senior Vice President of Samsung Lab, said that the company exhibits ultra-thin plastic and unbreakable Youm.

Samsung has been rumored to be preparing flexible, high-resolution displays for its smartphones, and this week at CES South Korean technology"It will not even break if dropped, and you can actually turn the screen," says Berkeley, then grabbed the edge of a prototype display and began to lean forward and not back on the screen or the image quality.

Berkeley has a prototype phone that uses a screen Youm. The part of the curve of the display device at an edge thereof.

"The content can now flow along the sides of the device," says Berkeley.

Then the phone is covered with a case that came out of the curved part of the visible screen, and showed how he still read a message without having to use the entire screen.

"This type of screen is to provide our partners to create a whole new ecosystem of devices," he said. "The screen devices folded, fold and roll."

Samsung introduced a video where two guys have devices with screens Youm. It is a tablet, which is then folded and a second screen on the outer side, so that they can be used as a telephone. On the other device, the screen slides out of the box after pressing a button.

"Make design to any product with it," says Berkeley.

But the company does not say, if and when their smartphones are produced with these flexible displays.

You can watch the program on YouTube. Youm The presentation will begin approximately 40 minutes.

Lenovo Launched 5 Dual Sim Smartphone

Lenovo show-case five, dual SIM smartphone for younger professionals

Lenovo kick started the tech 2013, showing his phablet 5.5 inches, Lenovo K900. Now the company has announced five new Dual SIM smartphones.
Both S series smartphones seem to be top models and aims according to the company of young, urban professionals.

Lenovo show-case five, dual SIM smartphone for younger professionals

S890 is a smartphone with 5-inch qHD (540 x 960) screen. Is 9.3 mm thick and weighs 176 grams and it is an 8-megapixel camera flash on board and runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Lenovo S890 is powered by a battery 2250 mAh.

The other device S-series is the S790, which comes with 4.5-inch IPS (960x540) display. It comes with an 8-megapixel camera on the back and front camera 1 megapixel. It is 9.9 mm thick and is as Lenovo called "loop" design. Should be available in three colors and runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is available. It will run on dual-core CPU and a 2000 mAh battery MTK.

Lenovo P770 Phone Idea is best for frequent travelers, as it can with 3500mAh battery and according to the company comes up to 30 hours of talk time between charges. It runs on Android Jelly Bean. The other notable feature of this smartphone is the USB on-the-go feature.

The other two dual SIM devices are exhibited Lenovo A800 and Ideal PhoneA690. Both runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Lenovo A800 is a dual-core, 1.2 GHz, and a 4.5-inch touchscreen. It comes with a 2000mAh battery. While Lenovo IdeaPhoneA690 comes with a 1 GHz processor, 4.0 inches with a resolution of 800x480.

"For smartphone users, one size does not fit all," said Liu Jun, MIDH president and vice-president of Lenovo Group: "We have learned from our customers, and we know that we have many different reasons choose only the Lenovo smartphones developed. Our new portfolio devices features to surprise you and a wide range of customers all over the world. one phone for every user

Lenovo has not revealed the price of one of these smartphones, but should be launched in China soon.

The smartphone maker has also introduced Chinese Idea Phone K5 Lenovo at CES in early 2013. It is a single SIM smartphone that comes with a high resolution of 5 cm. It sports a dual-core processor graphics and a rear camera megapixel 13th

K5 Idea Phone Lenovo expected to be launched in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Russia.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trick To Get Free Mobile Recharge Unlimited

2  free recharge tricks for all networks - December (100% working)

This is a free recharge trick for all networks including Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance, Tata Docomo, Aircel, Tata Indicom, Uninor and all other nets. Updated 26 October 2012, for free with a new trick to free recharge mobile  and works 100% in India for all networks .. Here I am enjoying a round of your work fill liberate. Follow all the tips and just enjoy free refill absolutely free. Did'nt illusory? Its 100% working free advice to recharge. Scroll down to see how it really works.

2  free recharge tricks for all networks - December (100% working) 2012

For most free refills recharge, you should check your email and phone, and you get get instant Welcome Bonus.

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Verify your phone. and email to get free credit 10RS.

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Earn 5 rupees per inviting your friend and then enjoy free recharge.

Earn Rs 10 per sign-up bonus ( verifying email and mobile).

You can credit union directly, money into your bank account as well.

Note: 10RS. Checking email free sign up bonus, you should check your email if you do not receive a verification e-mail and click send confirmation e, and you have your phone by allowing you to check the return code rely on websites .. Take a look and enjoy free 10RS.

Don't wait register to free recharge your mobile phones.

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I want to talk a new website that offers free recharges refills for sending SMS is also free.
Just go there and register:

Register 2 Rs.

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Free recharge minimum balance is ready to get only Rs 10. So friends, its damn easy, that amount in a short time, too. This tip no get 2 free recharge trick for all networks in India, ie for Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Docomo, Uninor, Aircel, Etisalat, MTNL, Idea, BSNL, Reliance (RIM), tata.

register here to get free recharge your mobile phones.

Note:-- Airtel free recharge is not currently supported, but will soon also supported.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cheapest Android Sim Calling Tablet-Budget Phone Cum Tab

XElectron SIM GSM calling Tablet- Cheapest Tablet with sim slot

XElectron launched a new tablet W777 2G SIM support for those who are looking a cheapest tablet with sim slot. That means you can use this tablet as a smartphone. This phone cum tablet   is based on Android 2.2 Froyo. Tablet XElectron W777 operates at 850 MHz VIA MW8650 High-performance CPU that promises accompanied an efficient multi-tasking experience of a quick recovery. XElectron W777 comes with 7-inch touch screen TFT LCD resistive two points supports a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. With support for up to 32GB expandable memory via T-Flash, this tablet you can store large amounts of data, pictures, videos and songs. You can surf the Internet and access to their accounts at the Tablet Wi-Fi. Users can also enjoy 3G connectivity through its connection dongle.

XElectron SIM GSM calling Tablet- Cheapest Tablet with sim slot

Expert Review for Xelectron cheapest Tablet with sim calling.

The multi purpose tablet phone.

The WS777  Xelectron is especially for those who want a tablet with phone systems and initiated even in a small budget. The W777 is an effective tablet with good features and specifications, and also acts as a phone if it is equipped with a SIM card. It offers a range of great entertainment and at an incredibly low price.

Processor, operating system and memory.

The WS777 for Android runs on the Android operating system 2.2. It gives you access to the market and the famous Androind apps.  you can download / buy apps interesting and fun games on the tablet. Memory expandable up to 32GB, you can easily download softwares, apps and games all shall recognize or save on your tablet.

WS777 race VIA MW8650 850MHz processor Xelectron, which provides fast and efficient, and high performance.

Camera and Connectivity.

Like all other tablets on the WS777 with a front and a rear view camera is equipped. The front camera is useful for video calls and conversations, while the rear camera for photos by and do your personal videos. The WS777 from Xelectron is WiFi enabled and also supports 2G and 3G. Does not support HDMI or Bluetooth but USB ports included in this budget tab for connection to other devices.

Other features.

This tablet is designed Xelectron bend your cellphone. You can forward calls to the SIM card

This tablet is designed Xelectron bend your cellphone. You can forward calls to the SIM card on you and voila! Not a tablet that serves as a smartphone. It also has good multimedia features and enjoy hours of games, music and movies.

Battery life.

 This amazing Tab comes with a powerful battery that is 3000mah. So it can be used for a long time because of its powerful battery.

Price of Xelectron sim slot Tab.

  Xelectron WS777 is the cheapest tablet found with a sim slot. Although there are some more tab that offers more features with the same price but they lack a sim support. You can buy this tab from Naaptol at a very low price of only Rs 4999. Also they offer EMI and shipping service through out India. 


The WS777 is a tablet Xelectron with good and low budget tab, which has all the right features and functions as a phone.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snapseed Best Photo Editing Apps For Andriod Ipad

Snapseed: The Best free Photo Editing App is now on Android

Some months ago Google bought in the implementation of most popular photo editing on the iPhone named Snapseed. Hours ago, as intended for a long time was launched the Android version of the application. More important than the application that has been paid previously in iOS platfrom and is freely available. Snapseed decided to give a little bit of for a test drive and I can support its boast to be the better photo editing app is certainly true.

Android Snapseed is a photo editing application free with Google+ integration. Use swipe gestures on the touchscreen to control the editing options using Snapseed Android.

Snapseed: The Best free Photo Editing App is now on Android

Snapseed basically allows you to edit photos by switching lighting, filters, add borders and set the brightness, contrast and more.
It may also perform a large number of adjustments to a photo, like crop, rotate and further details.

The actual winner is the blow using touch to control all changes are applied on an image. This is truly very intuitive and the best manner of the use touch UI in fact a Picture Editing application.

Ultimately, you can share the image directly into Google+ directly from the application itself. But we think that in Android (I have not tested in iOS) application can work with other applications to share a photo with Facebook, Twitter or even Dropbox.

Even though Snapseed is perfect for mobile phones. I think that what would really work better on tablet devices that might be all change in a managed photo.

Test Snapseed on your phone or tablet and put in a review.

Download free photo editing app Android | iPad

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touched record

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touch record $5,000,000!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has sold more than 5 Smartphones according to recent reports. Samsung confirms that Galaxy Note 2, it was sold over 3 million units in just 37 days. While Samsung has managed in the last years, has not seen its sales both in such a short time. The final number of sales in Europe and North America do not go over the next two months when the traditional shopping season.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touch record $ 5,000,000

Samsung Galaxy 2 has sold more than 5 million units in the last two months. The phone is extremely popular in the "phablet" category that falls somewhere between a phone and a tablet.
Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and a 2 that are its main products. Even though a lot of attention is paid to Galaxy S3 and is frequently compared to Apple's iPhone, Galaxy Tab 2 is greater or lesser a pioneer in the "phablet 'category.

Samsung has made a bet on the big screen on the right side. Nowadays. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, the Display Size in future versions of phones It could be because most cell phones are used to consume multimedia content such as videos that appears need a somewhat larger screen, a useful idea to be. 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ipad Mini.

Are "Phablets" here to stay?

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 The phone has 5.5 inches screen size. It feels too big for a cell phone and not really convenient inside a pocket. 

That is, many of the phone those looking for something between a phone and a tablet preferred.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 more if sold in large quantities, it appears that Samsung has made a good choice. Apparently "phablets" is here to stay, and we may see the same and more "phablets" as manufacturers are showing interest.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Google Launched Cheap Acer Chrome Book In US UK

Google presents Acer Chrome-books $ 199 in the United States and the United Kingdom

Today, Google has introduced a new Chromebook. It's Acer and competitive price of $ 199. It is available in the markets of the United States and the United Kingdom with Google Play or Best Buy.
Google presents Acer Chrome-books $ 199 in the United States and the United Kingdom

Acer C7 Chrome book Features and Specifications

The laptop runs on Chrome OS, with 340 GB of hard disk space of 100 GB of free Google drive storage space.

The screen is 11.6 ". Supports resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels.

Counted with 3.5 hours of battery life.

You Can buy if you live in the U.S. or UK, the Acer Chromebook your landing page.

Last month, Google was also launched another variant Samsung Chromebook. The price for this device is $ 249. I think Chromebooks are great if you are comfortable with Chrome OS. To be honest, I'm still not convinced by the way of a new laptop that has a dent in the PC market.

I also noticed that many new Google updates rather than hardware Related websites Related seems. This post is also part of this category. Do you think Google? Only and Web Apps instead of sticking to the introduction of new mobile phones, tablets and laptops Deposit in a comment.

Link: Acer Chromebook C7

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ipad Mini

5 reasons you should use the iPad Mini

Tuesday 23, October Apple released a new product - the iPad mini. While many critics may have this idea to wait a few specific comments bad tablets, many Apple fans out there to get their hands on. Should you buy the iPad Mini? If the latest iPad, three, or maybe not, here are five reasons why you are considering the mini can be useful for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ipad Mini A gadget from Apple, the iPad Mini created by only $ 349th

 1 Very affordable for Apple products

A gadget from Apple, the iPad Mini created by only $ 349th Compared with other models, will be spread easily over $ 450 for an iPad is slightly larger. Yes, I know $ 349 is a difficult quantity to sell, but if you have been on the market for a tablet and enjoy Apple products, you can set this to your wish list. Note that if you are not an Apple fan, there are many other possibilities, such as the Kindle Fire, Nook and Nexus 7th

 2 Applications

Countless critics argue that iTunes is the way to go if you want to download applications. While Google Play Store offers a variety (and yes, they are), the App Store can not be compared. With the price level before, if you want to get hold on the App Store, will provide you or $ 400 for a new iPad, or at least $ 200. For a new iPhone with a 2-year contract If you can reach something that applications and want without conditions, you may be surprised pleasantly surprised by this choice.

 3 faster and easier

If you have an iPhone or iPad today, you will be glad to know that the Mini is 53% faster. Equipped with A5 chipset process and LTE, LTE connection can appear to the processor two times faster than the previous iPad. Regarding size, the Mini is a little thinner than a pencil, and weighs less than 0.68 pounds and 7.9 inch its screen shows a nice resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

 4 Flexible with Tab 

If you are the type who needs to work an internet connection, you will find in this table is the right size. As you are probably already familiar with the iPad and iPhone, you realize that it is very large, while the other is not big enough. Mini breaks the barrier and the perfect size for e-mail, face to face, and small enough to take a photo or check video. Note that it is very easy to carry in your purse or in the palm of the hand.

 5 Other Functions

Unlike the old iPhone, the new Mini battery life that provides the most material and comes with all new flash connection is output. As you can see, the mini is a bit similar to the iPad 1, 2 and 3 If you plan to take a tablet, you can keep in mind, this model if you are looking for value, speed and accessibility.

Sony Xperia Tablet Full Features Review

Sony - Xperia ™ Tablets review

Xperia ™ Sony Tablet S has Android 4.0.3 powered by Android operating system, a sleek design and has a thin aluminum splash screen.

Sony Xperia Tablet Full Features Review Xperia ™ Sony Tablet S has Android 4.0.3 powered by AndroidIt has a screen size of 800th 9.4 inches with a resolution of 1280 × Powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile (clock speed of 1.3 GHz) and 1 GB of memory, the tablet should work the Android operating system smoothly. It has. An option for a 16GB, 64GB or 32B, but you can add an SD memory card to expand your storage capacity yet The front camera has a resolution of 1296 x 808 (1 megapixel) and rear view camera has a 3264 x 2448 HD resolution (8 megapixels).

But what makes the Sony Xperia ™ tablet is exclusive features like guest mode, now go, Sony, and other embedded applications. With guest mode, you can easily different profiles on the shelf when a friend comes in normal or can create different profiles for different family members.

This provides a unique experience for every family member at home (with your own wallpaper and other adjustments). It also means that each free to do what they want with the screen. Do you ever upset when their children play with their application design? Give them their own profile so that your spirit can rest in peace.

Sony Social Life is an ideal application for the lovers of social media, social media feeds people closest to you in a united, user-friendly interface and elegant. You can play free Social Life Google application. Screenshots of the application and information seem to be my favorite application, if I have my Xperia ™ TabletS.
The universal remote control allows you to control your music from your music library and also the TV with the tablet. If you're taking the pill (why not?) Plan The battery offers up to 12 hours of standard use.

Combined with Android applications, the Sony Xperia ™ Tablet is a great addition to your devices at home - if you want an Android tablet, is das. Are you the Xperia ™ Tablet S? Feel free to share your experiences with him on this blog too. If you do not do that, you will find the tablet in your page.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Apple launches iPad Mini and Mac updates

Apple launches iPad Mini and Mac updates online for their special event

As rumors suggested, Apple has released many new and shiny products on your special event. Mini iPad introduced a smaller version of the original iPad. The Mac line-up is bigger than ever, with new mini i Mac, Mac and retinal new MacBook Pro 13."

Apple launches iPad Mini and Mac updates online for their special event mini i Mac

Mini iPad and fourth-generation iPad

 iPad Mini surprisingly, a tablet thinner, lighter and smaller. With the same resolution as the original iPad (which means that no fragmentation). It features a 7.9 "screen, which should be in your hands. A dual-core A5 chip, and support Flash socket instead of a Micro-USB port. In 3G and Wi-Fi only models.

The base model 16 GB Wi-Fi only costs $ 329, and the price increases by $ 100 for extra storage.

Mini iPad and the iPad updated with a full size A6X new chip. This is surprising because it is not mentioned in any of rumors.

Link: iPad and iPad Mini fourth generation

13" MacBook Pro Retina

The Retina display finally comes to the Mac Pro Book  13 "to 227 PPI, with incredibly fast flash memory, support PowerNap function and of course the very thin and light design.

Mac Pro Book costs $ 1,699 for the base model, which comes with Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. It's about $ 500 more than the basic non retina MacBook Pro 13 "

While flash memory and the retina are tempting, I do not really think it's worth it. In addition, many applications for Mac or for the retina are optimized. Another factor that is not very impressive, Intel HD Graphics 4000 as the GPU, Nvidia Apple should have considered instead.

Link: MacBook Pro 13" with retina

Mac mini and iMac

Office Mac fans finally had what he wanted - an iMac and Mac mini update. Although I have updated MacBook WWDC this year, Apple not talking iMac and Mac mini.

Both gave the third generation of Intel Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0 ports and the new Nvidia GeForce chips. iMacs have a new screen has anti-glare and is very thin.

The basic models of the iMac and Mac Mini will cost $ 1,299 and $ 799 are.

Link: iMac and Mac Mini

That's a lot of Apple products in a single event. Are you eager to get on one of them? Make a comment.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cheap android 4.0 ice Tablets In India

Android 4.0 ICS tablets at Rs.10,000 below

Tablet is a necessity today. You can turn your world into a small package. Tab is like a mini-laptop, compact and easy to carry. The gaming experience that is needed is a small cell phone screen in a tablet can be enjoyed. The choice of the huge fireplace mantel is available today is a difficult task. Need to be sure. The basic features you need in your device The first condition for any purchase of a card today that Android 4.0 ICS at a price that does not disturb your budget. So here is a list of some help to "Android 4.0 ICS tablets under 10000", choose the best card for a pocket-friendly prices.

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1. 1. Micromax Funbook Pro (Rs. 9750)

Micromax Funbook Pro Android 4.0 ICS tablets at Rs.10, 000 below  Tablet is a necessity today. You can turn your world into a small package

Micromax Funbook Pro

This is one of the cheapest 10-inch tablet in the Indian market. This unit has been designed with all the basic features of a tablet with a VGA front camera, 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor with 512 MB RAM, 3.5 mm headphone 1080p video playback, 8 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB, Wi -Fi, 3G, etc. There is a provision for 3G dongles and connect.

Second Micromax funBOOK (Rs 6000)

Micromax funBOOK Micromax funBOOK 7-inch version of the funBOOK Pro. Aside from the screen size
Micromax funBOOK

Tab surprised everyone with its low price is Micromax funBOOK 7-inch version of the funBOOK Pro. Aside from the screen size, the only difference between the two devices is the internal memory. The funBOOK lags with only 4 GB of expandable memory up to 8 GB of internal good.

Third HCL ME Tablet U1 (Rs.7500)

HCL ME Tablet U1 (Rs.7500) supports a bright white capacitive touch 7 inch with a 0.3 MP front facing camera. It comes with a 1-GHz processor with 1 GB RAM

HCL ME Tablet U1

This device supports a bright white capacitive touch 7 inch with a 0.3 MP front facing camera. It comes with a 1-GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. The device has the ability to play 1080p videos easily. The only fault I have is the lack of availability of Google Play Store. Instead, have appstore HCL, which is useless.

4th Karbonn Smart Tab 2 (Rs 6900)

Karbonn Smart Tab 2 (Rs 6900) first tablet to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is clocked Karbonn Smart Tab 2 7-inch device with a processor with 1.2 GHz

Karbonn Smart Tab 2

The first tablet to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is clocked Karbonn Smart Tab 2 7-inch device with a processor with 1.2 GHz. Other features include a 2-megapixel camera, 3700mAh, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1080p playback shows etc.

5th iBall Slide i6012 (Rs 7900)

iBall Slide i6012 (Rs 7900) powerful machine loaded with a 1.2-GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. Has a high-quality camera with a further fine VGA front camera

iBall Slide i6012

It is a powerful machine loaded with a 1.2-GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. Has a high-quality camera with a further fine VGA front camera. The tablet supports 1080p video, has Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G. It would be a good choice for a price.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Will Release On 12 September

Apple confirms iPhone 5 launch on 12 September

Apple has begun sending out invitations for your event in San Francisco on 12 September. The event is rumored to be where Apple unveil the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini eventually.

We do not know much about mini iPad, which should be a little 7-inch tablet. But when you see the shadow in the invitation, the iPhone 5 confirmed.

It is not surprising that the new phone would be implemented, but some may wonder if Apple had simply called "new iPhone" inspired by "the new iPad."
Expected Features of iPhone 5

         The phone runs on the latest platform iOS6.

         iPhone 5 should have the same width of 4.08 inches. Phones, but should be higher than             their predecessors.

         It should be a number of improvements with a 12-megapixel camera.

         The phone works perfectly on a four @ 1Ghz.

         The phone should also recently earbuds Apple design.

What exactly is known about the iPhone 5, you can find out next week.

What do you expect from iPhone 5? Deposit in your views.