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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ipad air, retina ipad mini launched in india with good price

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IPad Air, Retina iPad Mini - Sale now started in India at Rs 35,900 and Rs 28,900

IpadAir and iPad Mini with Retina iPad screen now launched on sale in India recently. These devices were launched and announced by Apple on  22 October 2013.

IPad Air price started at Rs 35,900

IPad Air, Retina iPad Mini launched in India With Good Price

Apple ipad Air, WiFi iPad edition is priced at Rs 35,900. It contains a 9.7-inch Retina display with A7 chipset for good ipad air video. It is based on a 64 bit architecture and it is also based  a M7 motion sensor. IPad Air is the lastest of the series of Apple ipads and weighs less than a kilogram. It is available in two colors - gray and white.

Price of Apple Ipad Air in India with specs.

16 GB - WiFi only Rs 35,900 and Rs 44,900 for cellular

32 GB - WiFi only Rs 42,900 and Rs 51,900 for cells

64 GB - WiFi only Rs 49,900 and Rs 58,900 for cells

128 GB - WiFi only Rs 56,900 and Rs 65,900 for cells

Air iPad 16GB Wi-Fi, issue listed on Flipkart as coming soon for purchase ipad in India. You can choose to be notified when the product becomes available on Flipkart.

Buy Mini iPad Retina for Rs 28,900

Price of Apple Ipad Mini in India with specs.

IPad Mini with Retina display starts at Rs 28,900. It's like the air, as this Apple ipad model is much slimmer as compared to Ipad-Air, it comes from the iPad with A7 chipset, 64-bit architecture and a coprocessor movement M7 motion sensor packed in this device. It succeeds the iPad Mini and supports a resolution of 2048 × 1536 and more than 3.1 million pixels. It will be available in space gray and silver colors only.

Price of Apple Ipad Mini in India with specs.

16 GB - WiFi only Rs 28,900 and Rs 37,900 for cellular

32 GB - WiFi only Rs 35,900 and Rs 44,900 for cellular

64 GB - WiFi only Rs 42,900 and Rs 51,900 for cellulars

128 GB - WiFi only Rs 49,900 and Rs 58,900 for cellular

The launch of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini retina in India should try to compete with the Nexus 7 2013 edition for Rs 20,999 in India with best ipad air video.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Download Apple apps and Win $10000

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Download the 50 billion app of Apple's App Store and you can earn $ 10,000 gift card

Apple's App Store produces millions of downloads of everyday applications. For applications for iPods, iPhones, iPads, the app ecosystem has the number of applications downloaded form the Apps Store expands. The number of app downloads quickly reached 50 billion. Apple has a new contest, the people who started rewarded applications from the Apps Store.

Download the 50 billion app of Apple's App Store and you can earn $ 10,000 gift card

The first prize is U.S 10,000$ App Store gift card. The winner is the user who is the 50th Completed billionth download applications from the Apps Store.
Other prizes include $ 500 gift card for the next 50 customers who download an application.
Ideally, the person who takes part must in this competition at least 13 + years (or age of eligibility varies by country) and the download limit total demand per day is 25 applications.
These applications do not need to buy, including free downloads are included in the application.

You can find all the rules on this page.

The odds of winning the prize, though small, might be a good idea to download the apps that I want to leave this month, if you hit the jackpot.

This is a very different way to more app downloadsof Apple app store than Google to promote their offer to step celebrate 25 billion apps downloads the app discounts on purchases.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Microsoft To Launch Miniature Windows Cheap Mini Tablet Soon

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Microsoft Preparing Miniature Windows Mini tablet rival to Apple iPad

Microsoft previously discussed about Microsoft plans to release a smaller version instead of surface 7-inch tablet, Windows 8 or Windows blue. Now there is news that the Redmond-based company is working on a line of small touchscreen device to compete with the iPad Mini and Amazon Kindle Fires. Are both connected somehow news?

According to a report in The Guardian, said Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft, the new devices will be available in the coming months, at competitive prices. Analysts believe that the tablet launch in June.

Microsoft Preparing Miniature Windows Mini tablet rival to Apple iPad

Also on Windows 8.1 (blue) update should come in the same month. At the same time rumors suggest that Microsoft's hardware requirements for Windows 8 tablets are to support future also adjust widespread.

The slowdown in the global PC sales have a huge impact on society. According to market research firm IDC, PC shipments fell 14 percent in the first quarter of this year. IDC said it was mainly because with the new interface of Windows 8 sewing difficult for potential buyers. Let's also not overlook the fact that smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular than PC. 

This could very well be the reason why Microsoft suddenly tries to compete in the arena of the mini tablet. On the other hand, Microsoft has announced that Klein's in June to the end of the year it was current position for four years and now 11 years. Everything seems to be the group until June for the technology giant. In any case, the news of the new tablets and the operating system is confirmed only a matter of hope, not really. Anyway, the tech world watching, the company during the month.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phone Security Hackers Can Easily Hack Your Smartphone

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Hackers can easily hack your smartphones like the iPhone.

Phone security. The present age is the age of smartphones. Smartphones are becoming smarter day by day and thus it goes easier for a hacker to get into your device and steal your value-able data.
So it is a very bad news for those advance people who prefer to pay their bills and save large amounts of data on their smart fones.

"Murray Jennex is a professor of computer security at San Diego State University."

He says that Android phones and Windows has always been number one for pirates. They have an open network and enables you to do anything, including malicious applications that could download to steal your information.

Hackers can easily hack your smartphones like the iPhone

"Jennex said that Apple has a very closed system operation."

You can download applications from the Apple Store. Thus, applications are validated and verified by Apple. There is a sense of mobil security.

Phone security But no longer.

"What has been shown that if you have a virus in the Safari browser, which tell the iPhone get all the information on the phone to set a direction stored message to the hacker," said Jennex.

Documents, banking information has brought each item stored in the phone application.

Jennex said the virus could get rid of their passwords, clear images and can also clear your call list.

So be careful what you store in any smartphone, including an iPhone.

And the iPhone has a security problem with the access code of your new operating system. Thieves have found a way to break the blockade and on the phone.

Apple is aware of the phone security problem and offers lookout mobile security a solution, through an update.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

14 lakh cheapest aakash tablets booked; how to get yours


Cheapest Tablets PC Aakash booked; How to get yours

Aakash; a Made in India $35 $50 Android tablet just crossed a huge milestone with over 14 lakh (1.4 million) bookings in just 2 weeks. That means they are booking 1,00,000 tablets everyday according to Data-wind, the manufacturers of Aakash Tablet PC. This booking is even much higher than the world’s first Tablet, Apple’s i Pad. Apple sold around 10 lakh iPads in the first 4 weeks. And since the demand for this $50 tablet is continuously increasing, so the Data-wind is planning to set up 3 more manufacturing plants in India in Cochin, Noida and Hyderabad.
UbiSlate7 14 lakh Aakash Tablets booked; how to get yours

Well the only reason behind such huge demand is the price of this tablet. These days who’s owns a PC at home can easily afford a Rs.2500 tablet but seriously this Tablet is not at all going to give any competition to any of the high-end Tablets like Apple’s iPad or Sansung Galaxy Tab. A person who’s planning to buy an iPad won’t drop his idea just because a $50 tablet is there in the market.

How to book your Aakash Tablet?


Currently there are two models of Aakash tablet available for Pre-Booking. One is the Aakash (Ubislate 7) which is available now but completely ‘Sold Out’. This is the Wi-Fi only model of this tablet with Arm11-366Mhz microprocessor, 2100 mAh battery and Android 2.2. This model is for Rs.2500.

Another model which will be available in late January is upgraded version Aakash Ubislate7+. This features Cortex A8700Mhz microprocessor, 3200 mAh battery and Android 2.3 with Wi-Fi and a SIM Slot for GPRS. This model will cost you around Rs. 3000 and it’s currently available for pre-booking.

To book your Aakash Tablet go to Akash website and click Pre-Book. If you have already book yours then don’t forget to tell us.
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iPhone and various Iphone app review

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IPhone Insurance Information and Various Iphone App software

For all practical purposes, the iPhone and iphone 3gs really does almost anything. Not only can render you the best communication quality achievable, its apps for iphone is a fantastic tool for understanding. No matter which topic, course, craft or discipline you need to understand, the iPhone does have the essential tools and materials you need to get and gradually work issues out based on your own personal pacing. Quite clearly, learning a different language is probably the most well-known efforts that many individuals partake themselves in. Understanding a new language can either comes from from a demand.

 It is a need because it is usually required to adjust to the language around the country where you stand in. Anywhere you go on earth, the opportunity to speak and even read a fresh language is important. However, many people are desperate to master a language which isn’t indigenous to them due to the need to learn. Without a doubt, intense curiosity and interest can lead you to something great and beneficial greater than what you had expected to see iphone apps.

Perhaps, if there is one age group that learns words and understands concepts more quickly than most adults do, it is the younger years. Kids, from toddler to school age, are usually fast in mastering things especially when it comes to languages. That’s the reason, this is the best period of the child’s development in molding them to certainly be a linguist or perhaps a Polyglot.

There a multitude of applications around the Apple iPhone that you can download which are completely suited to young kids to study. If you’re planning to move with your family in the Middle East or North Africa, or in any Arabic-speaking country, then it’s about time to train your kids Arabic. Actually, for starters, you can look at the application, My First Arabic application. This particular application is divided into four categories: Numbers, Colors, Shapes as well as Days. With a basic tap and slide, you and your children will love learning Arabic due to the colorful, playful and interactive format.

The iPhone 4 and 3g iphone are surely an awesome tool for the entire family, and for anyone who likes to study languages. The iPhone 4, with all its incredible features, is highly much-loved by every person. It is for this reason that more users are availing the very best stuffs that an iPhone insurance may bring.

If you are live in the United Kingdom and also you own an Apple iPhone by yourself, or have known somebody that does, it might be a best thought to have your own iPhone insured also. In fact, for just an affordable, you can now get for yourself, a totally extensive iPhone insurance plan. It is so comprehensive due to the fact any iPhone model, from your first iPhone to the newest iPhone 4S, is definitely fully qualified, provided, that they were bought within The UK since a first-hand unit.

 It also has an global protection and extended warranty cover riders which give you the required leverage against thievery, not authorized phone call use, and from accidental as well as liquid damages, not only inside the UK but also elsewhere on the planet for a longer time period. With these excellent services that awaits you and for your own iPhone 4, wouldn’t it be now the greatest time to get the wonderful advantages of having a first-rate iPhone insurance plan along with you as well?

In summary, having an iPhone insurance policy service is a worthwhile investment to have. For just a minimum premium, you will gain more in terms of opportunity expenses, financial savings, in addition to a satisfaction. With this particular basic advisory available, wouldn’t it be worth considering in obtaining one for your own iPhone apps too?
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