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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Now get spotify mobile free on mobile and tablets

Streaming music App Spotify Mobile app is finally free

You can now use the spotify mobile app for free in a tablet or iOS or Android smartphone. But there is a condition.

spotify on mobile, spotify app free. Now download spotify mobile free

Spotify makes its free mobile application.

Also see Trick How to Get Full Sportify Premium outside U.S. The music streaming service, said on Wednesday that now they allow anyone to use spotify mobile app on a tablet or smartphone for free with iOS or Android app. The new service begins on Wednesday. Until now, users could only use Spotify on the desktop or browser-free program. But now only premium members who pay $10 a month to listen can access the Service by any other device.

The move marks a change in the activity of Spotify Mobile Free and was able to expand its potential audience. The absence of a free mobile app was an inhibitor of growth companies and fill this gap could help further growth.

The application of the tablet works just like the desktop version, which give you access to the specific selection of skis.

The smartphone application likely not to work exactly like the PC service. Users can manage their playlists and albums to access the music, but going through the list with a "shuffle" button coincidence leaves. Users can not choose the exact song you want to play immediately and need to mix your playlists.

"This is how the next generation will build the music library," CEO Daniel Ek of Spotify said. "It is not the purchase of a song or another. Trying to add to a collection."

Users can access existing playlists or can create their lists in mobile applications

While Spotify which gives the freedom to user to select and select the desired song, it turned out to be a streaming of music, it is still behind the leader Pandora, which uses a model of the radio on the Internet and can be connected to multiple devices be found free of charge. Spotify Mobile Free has said it has 24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers, while Pandora has about three times the amount of 72.4 million active listeners and more than 200 million registered users.

It turns out that the main difference is in the business model, what has it so difficult and expensive  to get Spotify on mobile service. Spotify came on the shuffle option.

"We are the first and only service to do to get the license," Ek said.
The free service will continue to receive advertising.
Spotify, now have to look behind him, with Apple strives for the dominant streaming music service on your mobile device. Apple said in October that iTunes notched 20 million radio listeners in the five weeks after its release.

Spotify mobile also announced that Led Zeppelin catalog will be available exclusively for the service.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ipad air, retina ipad mini launched in india with good price

IPad Air, Retina iPad Mini - Sale now started in India at Rs 35,900 and Rs 28,900

IpadAir and iPad Mini with Retina iPad screen now launched on sale in India recently. These devices were launched and announced by Apple on  22 October 2013.

IPad Air price started at Rs 35,900

IPad Air, Retina iPad Mini launched in India With Good Price

Apple ipad Air, WiFi iPad edition is priced at Rs 35,900. It contains a 9.7-inch Retina display with A7 chipset for good ipad air video. It is based on a 64 bit architecture and it is also based  a M7 motion sensor. IPad Air is the lastest of the series of Apple ipads and weighs less than a kilogram. It is available in two colors - gray and white.

Price of Apple Ipad Air in India with specs.

16 GB - WiFi only Rs 35,900 and Rs 44,900 for cellular

32 GB - WiFi only Rs 42,900 and Rs 51,900 for cells

64 GB - WiFi only Rs 49,900 and Rs 58,900 for cells

128 GB - WiFi only Rs 56,900 and Rs 65,900 for cells

Air iPad 16GB Wi-Fi, issue listed on Flipkart as coming soon for purchase ipad in India. You can choose to be notified when the product becomes available on Flipkart.

Buy Mini iPad Retina for Rs 28,900

Price of Apple Ipad Mini in India with specs.

IPad Mini with Retina display starts at Rs 28,900. It's like the air, as this Apple ipad model is much slimmer as compared to Ipad-Air, it comes from the iPad with A7 chipset, 64-bit architecture and a coprocessor movement M7 motion sensor packed in this device. It succeeds the iPad Mini and supports a resolution of 2048 × 1536 and more than 3.1 million pixels. It will be available in space gray and silver colors only.

Price of Apple Ipad Mini in India with specs.

16 GB - WiFi only Rs 28,900 and Rs 37,900 for cellular

32 GB - WiFi only Rs 35,900 and Rs 44,900 for cellular

64 GB - WiFi only Rs 42,900 and Rs 51,900 for cellulars

128 GB - WiFi only Rs 49,900 and Rs 58,900 for cellular

The launch of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini retina in India should try to compete with the Nexus 7 2013 edition for Rs 20,999 in India with best ipad air video.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Apple os x mavericks rating and review: 5 best features

Apple OS X Mavericks Rating and review: 5 Features All Mac users need to know

Apple CEO Craig Federighi, said Tuesday that its new OS X Mavericks is available immediately as a free download for apple users.
Amidst ads for the new iPad and Mac, Apple has also introduced its latest operating system Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" again and set the new platform, the same day for all Mac users for free.

Apple OS X Mavericks Rating and review: 5 Features All Mac users need to know

But despite the free platform Mavs appear slightly updated OS X, there are many important elements that lurk beneath the surface. According to Apple, OS X Mavericks comes with over 200 new features. We will not detail all the changes in OS X Mavericks here, but we will need the five characteristics of all Mac users to mark know about the new OS X Mavericks.

1. iCloud key

For the launch of iOS 7, Apple created key function for the integrated Safari browser iCloud they can remember logins and passwords of sites and even credit card information on all iOS devices. The keychain iCloud is designed to help users with many different passwords for different sites, and even themselves-suggests passwords for new websites to improve online security itself.

Apple removed the button on the master iCloud iOS or 7 element, but reintroduced the role of the media in the event on Tuesday. On OS X Mavericks, users simply visit the Settings application on "iCloud" and change the key of iCloud. Apple will be confirmed on your Mac for the settings to take effect, a code for one of your other mobile devices with iCloud (iPhone or iPad with iOS 7) key and only this code. Once you do that, users will not need to remember their user names, passwords and credit card numbers for multiple sites on each device.

Two. Tags and Labels

Users of Mac OS X are used to look at your files in separate windows, but merged OS X Mavericks, Apple ordered these windows into tabs, which are also combined each with its own custom settings, Window and tabs can the home crowd be changed by drag and drop in full screen mode. Users can manage their documents with all labels, they want to save, whether above or created on the fly, which is extremely easy to find in one of the files later. These two new functions can be benign, but they are incredibly powerful in the organization of materials on an OS X Mavericks.

Three. A significant improvement in Safari

Apple's Safari browser can not the engine of the popular web search, but the Mavericks version of Mac OS X, Apple has a great effort to provide a faster and more efficient competitor for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Navigate bookmarks of your favorite places, and even other through social networks Mavericks Safari for OS X shared links is extremely simple and everything is located directly on the homepage. Behind the scenes, Apple and Adobe have protected all customers sandbox flash drives, which means that the browser has a unique protective mechanisms may not allow the virus or malware hidden in Adobe, damage the host device. And of course Safari works for OS X Keychain Mavericks with iCloud, you'll never again blame your bad memory, have the same password for every site, or not able to remember your passwords for different sites.

4. Higher efficiency, better battery life

Mavericks In OS X, Apple now offers greatly improved battery life for all Mac users, regardless of the brand of your device, model, or even years. Apple has significant improvements in energy efficiency can be used with a handful of new features and technologies such as compressed air storage, which quickly compresses inactive memory from the computer to get permission for each application, enter the application in OS X Mavericks, is the timer coalescing, which the level of CPU interrupts and transitions reduced up to 72 percent of Mountain Lion OS X and Nap App, unused set it to automatically "sleep" applications. Better yet, OS X Mavericks (like iOS 7) can also install updated applications in the background, and you can even download the necessary updates to zero between sleeping hours (2.00 bis 05.00 clock clock) with new "Tonight Try" choice, consumers that a Mac can be bought in 2012 or 2013 supports advanced power nap, which can update the applications, while the Mac is idle. Average Mac users should gain average of two hours of battery life with OS X Mavericks, after a thorough review by John Siracusa of Ars Technica.

5. features popular iOS

Over the years, Apple has tried to merge its popular mobile operating system (iOS) to the operating system (OS X). For the launch of Mac OS X Mavericks, Apple brings these two narrow ecosystems efficiently with messages that can be solved directly in the message, not disrupt, deny communications to the exact specifications of each user. Apple cards, which includes all the same features iOS (for better or worse) and even instructions to your iPhone. Turn by turn directions when you allowed on the road, iBooks, the users highlight text, notes, and maps of the study and the new iWork and iLife suites now on iOS and OS X are much more similar to each other.

Mac OS X Mavericks is a free download from the Mac App Store, which is on every Mac. Best of all, users of Mac OS X Mavericks one of the last three OS X is based, including OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Snow Leopard upgrade (10.6. 8). For users of Mac OS X Leopard, Apple users will buy and upgrade to Snow Leopard before going back to OS X Mavericks .

What are your thoughts on OS X Mavericks? Have you had any problems so far? What are your favorite features. If you like any new  feature of new apple operating system share us in the comments below.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Apple released new version of os, OS X Mavericks at WWDC

Apple released OS X Mavericks at WWDC

10th June was a great day for Apple. As everyone expected Apple iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 has been released and the event was exorbitant. In addition, they released iTunes Radio, the new MacBook Air, Mac Pro and more. This is very different from Apple, which will launch a thinner, lighter phone and call it a day.

The most exciting thing for me new version of os, it OS X 10.9 aka Mavericks, because I spend a lot more time to start on my Mac was a place Mavericks in California, and Apple has already called the big cats from OS X.

So that's what's new in the next version of the world's most advanced operating system for apple.

Newest os x operating system, os x 10.9 release date. Snow leopard os

Tabs Finder and labels

We close the first obvious. The tabs in the Finder has been rumored for some time. Because both the Finder and drag and drop that makes sense to focus on tabs.
The tabs in the Finder very similar to Safari. If you have multiple Finder windows, can be combined into one.

The next label. This is more than the function of a "power user. Keywords are an easy way to sort the files and allows you to search the files of a particular day in the Finder., You can add tags to a file of the window to the Save file to define. Additionally, you can search for specific tags in the Finder. Not sure Spotlight. Moreover, the labels are synchronized via iCloud.

Top Notifications

I love the Notification Center in Mountain Lion, and other developers to support applications, it is always useful. In Mavericks to act alerts! (Say, like Android).
So, you think you can now respond to messages, FaceTime calls, e-mails - without the application to open. It also opens a great opportunity for developers.

Sites can now messages even if Safari is not open. This is also good news for web developers. There is another little extra - if you put your Mac to sleep and back, now the message that you have missed list. Very pleasant.

iBooks, Calendar, and Maps

IBooks and Cards: Apple has two applications Mavericks called unexpectedly to life. This is a good day to buy all the books in the iTunes Store. The application is very stylish, too. It integrates study cards, you can highlight and take notes and much more.
The following cards. It is very beautiful and useless at the same time. It is beautiful because of features such as the bridge, especially when the application goes to full screen mode with multiple touch trackpad - the experience must be awesome. But, but, Apple's fix the debacle Plan.

The calendar app has received an update. It is, of course, because Apple has now passed on the terrible flat design and stitches in calendar. The last calendar looks clean and also has interesting things like Facebook integration.


This is probably the most exciting part for me, faster than, smoother OS X is always welcome. It seems that Apple has worked hard in the memory management in this version of Mac OS X

There are things such as timer coalescing memory pills, application for a nap and more. Nap app that I found interesting. Basically, it slows down all applications in the background and let the current application (about) more resources. Coalescing timer is set, the battery would increase by a good amount of storage and flexible tablet cause the movement of 60 frames per second.

Not sure if it affects the speed of the operation, but if this is the case, it is a very good thing.

And much more

To add this set of features, there is support for a more multi-screen Safari redesigned and the important support of iCloud. It's big enough, and it is basically killing one of the managers of the most popular words for Mac and iOS happen - 1 Password.

Usually substantial major update to OS X. It is not clear whether this update is at $ 20 than a mountain lion, or be available for free.

However, if you have an Apple developer account, you can download the beta version, new version of os and try it now.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phone Security Hackers Can Easily Hack Your Smartphone

Hackers can easily hack your smartphones like the iPhone.

Phone security. The present age is the age of smartphones. Smartphones are becoming smarter day by day and thus it goes easier for a hacker to get into your device and steal your value-able data.
So it is a very bad news for those advance people who prefer to pay their bills and save large amounts of data on their smart fones.

"Murray Jennex is a professor of computer security at San Diego State University."

He says that Android phones and Windows has always been number one for pirates. They have an open network and enables you to do anything, including malicious applications that could download to steal your information.

Hackers can easily hack your smartphones like the iPhone

"Jennex said that Apple has a very closed system operation."

You can download applications from the Apple Store. Thus, applications are validated and verified by Apple. There is a sense of mobil security.

Phone security But no longer.

"What has been shown that if you have a virus in the Safari browser, which tell the iPhone get all the information on the phone to set a direction stored message to the hacker," said Jennex.

Documents, banking information has brought each item stored in the phone application.

Jennex said the virus could get rid of their passwords, clear images and can also clear your call list.

So be careful what you store in any smartphone, including an iPhone.

And the iPhone has a security problem with the access code of your new operating system. Thieves have found a way to break the blockade and on the phone.

Apple is aware of the phone security problem and offers lookout mobile security a solution, through an update.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snapseed Best Photo Editing Apps For Andriod Ipad

Snapseed: The Best free Photo Editing App is now on Android

Some months ago Google bought in the implementation of most popular photo editing on the iPhone named Snapseed. Hours ago, as intended for a long time was launched the Android version of the application. More important than the application that has been paid previously in iOS platfrom and is freely available. Snapseed decided to give a little bit of for a test drive and I can support its boast to be the better photo editing app is certainly true.

Android Snapseed is a photo editing application free with Google+ integration. Use swipe gestures on the touchscreen to control the editing options using Snapseed Android.

Snapseed: The Best free Photo Editing App is now on Android

Snapseed basically allows you to edit photos by switching lighting, filters, add borders and set the brightness, contrast and more.
It may also perform a large number of adjustments to a photo, like crop, rotate and further details.

The actual winner is the blow using touch to control all changes are applied on an image. This is truly very intuitive and the best manner of the use touch UI in fact a Picture Editing application.

Ultimately, you can share the image directly into Google+ directly from the application itself. But we think that in Android (I have not tested in iOS) application can work with other applications to share a photo with Facebook, Twitter or even Dropbox.

Even though Snapseed is perfect for mobile phones. I think that what would really work better on tablet devices that might be all change in a managed photo.

Test Snapseed on your phone or tablet and put in a review.

Download free photo editing app Android | iPad

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Download and Find Good Android Apps With Playboard

Playboard: A better way to find and download good Android applications

None of the best mobile operating systems have good application stores. If you are an iOS user, you are stuck with iTunes, an increasingly bloated software (on a Mac). Moreover, the recent presentation similar letter through the App Store, which shows an application at a time can be very annoying.

Android is no exception to this problem. There is a need for a better way to find the applications - that's exactly what it means to solve with Playboard.
Playboard: A better way to find and download good Android applications.

The main difference between Google play and Playboard play is that this class of applications based on the algorithm, the automatic mode, so you can see a lot of spam applications to graphics applications based.

Playboard other hand, depends on your community. If you want to contribute your database, you can register and start making the "signs" that contain a specific type of applications. Something like Pinterest advice.

There are lots of things you can do, from well-developed applications for the last few games made ​​free.

If you are a blogger, you can even insert a table widget on your site. This can be useful, especially if you maintain a web site for Android.

I think the overall experience is better than other alternatives AppBrain Google Play. You can access it either through the application or through Android web applications.

Link: Playboard

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ipad Mini

5 reasons you should use the iPad Mini

Tuesday 23, October Apple released a new product - the iPad mini. While many critics may have this idea to wait a few specific comments bad tablets, many Apple fans out there to get their hands on. Should you buy the iPad Mini? If the latest iPad, three, or maybe not, here are five reasons why you are considering the mini can be useful for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Ipad Mini A gadget from Apple, the iPad Mini created by only $ 349th

 1 Very affordable for Apple products

A gadget from Apple, the iPad Mini created by only $ 349th Compared with other models, will be spread easily over $ 450 for an iPad is slightly larger. Yes, I know $ 349 is a difficult quantity to sell, but if you have been on the market for a tablet and enjoy Apple products, you can set this to your wish list. Note that if you are not an Apple fan, there are many other possibilities, such as the Kindle Fire, Nook and Nexus 7th

 2 Applications

Countless critics argue that iTunes is the way to go if you want to download applications. While Google Play Store offers a variety (and yes, they are), the App Store can not be compared. With the price level before, if you want to get hold on the App Store, will provide you or $ 400 for a new iPad, or at least $ 200. For a new iPhone with a 2-year contract If you can reach something that applications and want without conditions, you may be surprised pleasantly surprised by this choice.

 3 faster and easier

If you have an iPhone or iPad today, you will be glad to know that the Mini is 53% faster. Equipped with A5 chipset process and LTE, LTE connection can appear to the processor two times faster than the previous iPad. Regarding size, the Mini is a little thinner than a pencil, and weighs less than 0.68 pounds and 7.9 inch its screen shows a nice resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

 4 Flexible with Tab 

If you are the type who needs to work an internet connection, you will find in this table is the right size. As you are probably already familiar with the iPad and iPhone, you realize that it is very large, while the other is not big enough. Mini breaks the barrier and the perfect size for e-mail, face to face, and small enough to take a photo or check video. Note that it is very easy to carry in your purse or in the palm of the hand.

 5 Other Functions

Unlike the old iPhone, the new Mini battery life that provides the most material and comes with all new flash connection is output. As you can see, the mini is a bit similar to the iPad 1, 2 and 3 If you plan to take a tablet, you can keep in mind, this model if you are looking for value, speed and accessibility.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Released updates iOS and mac os x 10.5

Apple updates iOS and OS X Lion Mountain versions

As stated by Apple in the iPhone 5 cases, the iOS and Mac OS X 10.8.2 was released yesterday 6. iOS 6 Check updates of YouTube and Google Maps, the default list of applications, but can be downloaded from the AppStore (on Google Maps soon iOS) as always.

Both iOS and Mac OS X 10.8.2 6 have Deep integration of Facebook, like Twitter integration in the last iteration of IOS Aside from that, better iOS 6 Siri, FaceTime over 3G, Safari Sync tab, Panaroma and more.

The update is for the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPod touch 4G, and the iPad 2, and 3 Apparently the older models like the iPhone 3GS has not all functions - Turn the navigation lathe. But it is still updating, which is much better than the situation of the Android phones.

Coming to OS X, Apple will finally fix the problem with the battery 10.8.2. I personally have seen a decline of 80 minutes of battery life when I upgraded Lion Mountain Lion. There are also updates to Game Center and iMessage support primer was added.

There is also a new update for mid-2012 Macbook OS that fixes a shot. The update is only 4 MB.

Have you updated your iPhone or Mac? Be careful because it's free

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Review-Who Should Buy

Who should buy an iPhone 5?

Now that the excitement of the new iPhone 5 has probably solved, it is time to ask the most important question. If you get an iPhone 5?

Smartphones often a new incremental model every year, but not everyone buys a new phone every year. I personally average every 2.5 years. I talked to some iPhone fans and critics, and came with a brief analysis of what really should go ahead and buy one.

Who should buy the iPhone 5:

The current owners of the iPhone

iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and a faster processor. The figures are very good, but not quite an update to make way for his iPhone 4S from previous version.

    If you have an iPhone 4 or earlier, then switch to an iPhone 5 is a great idea. The phone will be a great improvement in your current phone model.

    If you're a fan of the iPhone and do not miss an update, then you should go ahead and get an iPhone 5 Chances are you already pre-ordered.

No iPhone owners

It's a bit complicated because many Android phones have really reached iPhones. Jelly Bean Android (4.1) version of the operating system is often seen as more advanced than Apple's iOS cited the sixth

    Although Android 4.1 is as good as iOS 6, if not better, it's a big problem of fragmentation. If you have an Android phone and are waiting for the latest versions of the operating system tired with your phone (usually at least 4-6 months too late), then opt for an iPhone 5 is an excellent idea.
    If you. A Blackberry or Nokia, but we want to go touch phone market with a large application Then chances are that you want to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Who should not buy the iPhone 5:

The current owners of the iPhone

    If you have an iPhone 4S, you can not find exactly the iPhone 5 update very exciting. IOS6 the new version with improved SIRI version already for 4S.
    The iPhone 5 is an expensive device. In India, it should cost about $ 44,000. The most popular smartphones from other companies at least 10% to 15% cheaper.

No iPhone owners

Android users, which is really into customizing things on their mobile phones, using the phone as a drive time is not wise to have an iPhone 5, the. In a very closed system
    If you are big fans of the Android ecosystem, Nokia or BlackBerry, it's better to avoid the iPhone 5.
I personally do not believe that the magic. In iPhone 5 compared to its previous versions I found a great mobile phone iPhone 5, but not exactly an attractive device. So you have to decide for yourself and see if you find the phone and convincing application ecosystem. Buying a smartphone a lot of money, so make sure you buy something that you regret later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Apple Cloud Removed Beta With Updated Apple Apps beta sheets with a touch of updated applications and reminders

When Apple launched iCloud, which was available only on Apple devices and the Internet. After a few months a Web application and has launched in beta.

apple app, iphone apps,icloud, apple store, icloud.comNow that iOS 6 will be available for download soon from the apple cloud, removed the beta label and the service is now open to the public.

The service now has notes and reminders applications that have been added in OS X Lion Mountain, the update Find My iPhone -. For the remote lock, remote wipe capabilities and Sounds

In addition, you can use the Notification Center notifications sync with iOS 5 (or later) and Mac OS X 10.8 display.

The Web application is very well maintained in the design that looks more like a native application instead. IMessage is in the list of applications that allows you to add messages directly from the website.

Getting hacked your account iCloud can be very uncomfortable if the hacker can break anything that is in any Apple devices, says Mat Honan story? He also explained what is icloud iphone on the apple website.

You can set up an account with Apple iCloud force on your iPhone / iPad or Mac configuration.

What do you think about apple new icloud service. Do drop your comments

Link: iCloud

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Launched Features Review

Apple launched the iPhone 5: The Magic is missing!

The big day, the most waiting day for iphones5 lover has finally arrived. The iPhone 5 is finally unveiled by Apple at an event in San Francisco, USA. iPhone 5 has a lot of new material and some additional features.

The iPhone 5 will in all likelihood, is breaking all sales records. In addition to increasing profits and revenues that flow into Apple. While the iPhone 5 is a safe value.

Features of iPhone 5

    The iPhone 5 is a larger 4-inch screen retina. It weighs only 112 grams and a thickness of 7.6 mm is the thinnest iPhone yet.

    A6 processor Apple says it's 20% faster than the A5.

    The main camera is 8 megapixels with autofocus and panorama. The front camera is a high-definition camera, it would be useful for FaceTime.

    The phone will ship with iOS 6th It includes features such as Facebook integration and use is also important, embedded boards, which will replace Google Maps.

how can i get the iphone 5

    Availability: The phone is on 21 September start sent the form. Reservations for pre-order on 14 September from apple website.

    The price for the iPhone 5: $ 199 for 16GB, $ 299 for 32GB and $ 399 for 64GB

Where's the magic?

People expected a phone that was taller and thinner too. It is expected that NFC support, and have a slightly larger screen. Apple does not disappoint, and all the rumors about the phone were made. The only problem was that there was nothing really surprising in the iPhone 5 Phone changes were predictable.

Apple had this uncanny ability to focus on the future. It aims for the iPhone, even at the risk of overshadowing his own successful iPod back in 2007. He did the same with the iPad, a gadget designed to invent a small niche product again.

But now Apple is in a different place. Now is the most valuable thing in the world. Apple iPhone was, he made all these billions in profits. It seems that Apple is afraid to do something radically different with their most popular product. Now it behaves like any other technology company with a super-duper blockbuster or service.

Microsoft somehow reminds me of a late 90s, I was too afraid to do the things with Windows on your waist or even Nokia has refused to change the touch interface, as shown in the next five years.

The magic that makes the difference between a good product and an attractive product, the iPhone 5 is missing. The Magic had a name and was Steve Jobs.

What are your views about the
apple iphone by apple?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Will Release On 12 September

Apple confirms iPhone 5 launch on 12 September

Apple has begun sending out invitations for your event in San Francisco on 12 September. The event is rumored to be where Apple unveil the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini eventually.

We do not know much about mini iPad, which should be a little 7-inch tablet. But when you see the shadow in the invitation, the iPhone 5 confirmed.

It is not surprising that the new phone would be implemented, but some may wonder if Apple had simply called "new iPhone" inspired by "the new iPad."
Expected Features of iPhone 5

         The phone runs on the latest platform iOS6.

         iPhone 5 should have the same width of 4.08 inches. Phones, but should be higher than             their predecessors.

         It should be a number of improvements with a 12-megapixel camera.

         The phone works perfectly on a four @ 1Ghz.

         The phone should also recently earbuds Apple design.

What exactly is known about the iPhone 5, you can find out next week.

What do you expect from iPhone 5? Deposit in your views.