Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cheapest Android Sim Calling Tablet-Budget Phone Cum Tab

XElectron SIM GSM calling Tablet- Cheapest Tablet with sim slot

XElectron launched a new tablet W777 2G SIM support for those who are looking a cheapest tablet with sim slot. That means you can use this tablet as a smartphone. This phone cum tablet   is based on Android 2.2 Froyo. Tablet XElectron W777 operates at 850 MHz VIA MW8650 High-performance CPU that promises accompanied an efficient multi-tasking experience of a quick recovery. XElectron W777 comes with 7-inch touch screen TFT LCD resistive two points supports a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. With support for up to 32GB expandable memory via T-Flash, this tablet you can store large amounts of data, pictures, videos and songs. You can surf the Internet and access to their accounts at the Tablet Wi-Fi. Users can also enjoy 3G connectivity through its connection dongle.

XElectron SIM GSM calling Tablet- Cheapest Tablet with sim slot

Expert Review for Xelectron cheapest Tablet with sim calling.

The multi purpose tablet phone.

The WS777  Xelectron is especially for those who want a tablet with phone systems and initiated even in a small budget. The W777 is an effective tablet with good features and specifications, and also acts as a phone if it is equipped with a SIM card. It offers a range of great entertainment and at an incredibly low price.

Processor, operating system and memory.

The WS777 for Android runs on the Android operating system 2.2. It gives you access to the market and the famous Androind apps.  you can download / buy apps interesting and fun games on the tablet. Memory expandable up to 32GB, you can easily download softwares, apps and games all shall recognize or save on your tablet.

WS777 race VIA MW8650 850MHz processor Xelectron, which provides fast and efficient, and high performance.

Camera and Connectivity.

Like all other tablets on the WS777 with a front and a rear view camera is equipped. The front camera is useful for video calls and conversations, while the rear camera for photos by and do your personal videos. The WS777 from Xelectron is WiFi enabled and also supports 2G and 3G. Does not support HDMI or Bluetooth but USB ports included in this budget tab for connection to other devices.

Other features.

This tablet is designed Xelectron bend your cellphone. You can forward calls to the SIM card

This tablet is designed Xelectron bend your cellphone. You can forward calls to the SIM card on you and voila! Not a tablet that serves as a smartphone. It also has good multimedia features and enjoy hours of games, music and movies.

Battery life.

 This amazing Tab comes with a powerful battery that is 3000mah. So it can be used for a long time because of its powerful battery.

Price of Xelectron sim slot Tab.

  Xelectron WS777 is the cheapest tablet found with a sim slot. Although there are some more tab that offers more features with the same price but they lack a sim support. You can buy this tab from Naaptol at a very low price of only Rs 4999. Also they offer EMI and shipping service through out India. 


The WS777 is a tablet Xelectron with good and low budget tab, which has all the right features and functions as a phone. Posted by waseem ahmed


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